Thursday 15 February 2024

Smt. Sheela- Grant of Additional Pension after 2 years

 Smt. Sheela- Grant of Additional Pension after 2 years


In the vast landscape of government services, the Feedback Call Centre & Portal has emerged as a beacon of hope for citizens seeking resolution to their grievances. This success story sheds light on the transformative impact of the system, narrating the journey of Smt. Sheela, a 90-year-old family pensioner who, after two years of persistent efforts, finally achieved success through the portal.

The Struggle:

Smt. Sheela’s story is not uncommon; she found herself bed-ridden for the past three years, grappling with health issues that depleted her savings. In February 2021, she embarked on a mission to secure her additional pension, a crucial lifeline for her well-being. However, despite her best efforts, success eluded her. The saga of her challenges was eloquently expressed in her grievance application, outlining the urgency of her situation.

Turning to the CPENGRAMS Portal:

Undeterred by the initial setbacks, Smt. Sheela decided to leverage the CPENGRAMS portal to amplify her voice. The portal serves as a powerful tool for citizens to voice their concerns and seek redressal efficiently. Smt. Sheela’s complaint found its way to the portal, marking the beginning of a pivotal chapter in her pursuit of justice.

Swift Resolution:

One of the remarkable aspects of Smt. Sheela’s success story is the prompt response from the Feedback Call Centre & Portal. Within a mere 21 days, her case was not only acknowledged but also resolved. The turnaround time showcases the efficiency of the system in addressing the grievances of citizens.

Telephonic Triumph:

The real triumph, however, came through a telephonic conversation with Smt. Sheela. The update conveyed during the call was nothing short of life-altering – her Pension Payment Order (PPO) had been revised, and arrears amounting to Rs. 10,00,000/- (approximately) were credited into her bank account. This financial infusion not only provided immediate relief but also secured her financial well-being for the future.


Smt. Sheela’s success story is a testament to the transformative power of technology in governance. The Feedback Call Centre & Portal, by providing an efficient platform for citizens to voice their concerns, has become an instrumental force in resolving issues that significantly impact lives. This success not only highlights the tangible benefits of the system but also emphasizes the importance of empathy and responsiveness in public service.

As more citizens discover the potential of such platforms, the landscape of public service is evolving towards a more accessible, responsive, and citizen-centric model. Smt. Sheela’s journey from desperation to triumph serves as an inspiration and underscores the profound impact that effective governance can have on individual lives.


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