Thursday 15 February 2024

Ms. Anuradha Ghosh – Family Pension Payment of Rs 10,78,167/- after 8 years to Unmarried Daughter in 34 days via Feedback Call Centre & Portal

 Ms. Anuradha Ghosh – Family Pension Payment of Rs 10,78,167/- after 8 years to Unmarried Daughter in 34 days via Feedback Call Centre & Portal

Introduction: In the realm of government services and pensions, delays and bureaucratic hurdles are unfortunately common. However, the success story of Ms. Anuradha Ghosh serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative impact of the Feedback Call Centre & Portal. This platform played a pivotal role in expediting the release of Ms. Ghosh’s family pension, a journey that spanned eight years.

Background: Ms. Anuradha Ghosh had diligently submitted all the necessary documents pertaining to the sanction of her family pension in September 2015. Despite her efforts, she found herself in a prolonged struggle as her pensionary dues remained elusive for several years.

The Complaint: After seven years of persistent but fruitless efforts, Ms. Ghosh decided to take matters into her own hands. On 12th July 2022, she filed a complaint, seeking resolution and justice for the prolonged delay in receiving her entitled family pension. Little did she know that this complaint would be the catalyst for change in her arduous journey.

Case Closure and Unresolved Issues: To her disappointment, the case was officially closed on 09th March 2023, 182 days after filing the complaint. Despite the closure, Ms. Ghosh continued to face a roadblock in securing her pensionary dues, leaving her in a state of financial uncertainty.

Feedback Unit Intervention: The turning point in Ms. Anuradha Ghosh’s struggle came when the Feedback unit took notice of her case. The case was promptly re-registered on 8th September 2023, accompanied by an email sent to the concerned department. This marked the beginning of active follow-up and dedicated efforts to address Ms. Ghosh’s long-pending issue.

Timely Resolution: Thanks to the relentless pursuit of the Feedback unit, the re-registered case witnessed remarkable progress. In a commendable display of efficiency, Ms. Anuradha Ghosh received the long-awaited payment of arrears, totaling an impressive Rs 10,78,167/-.

Closure and Duration: The re-registered case, which had lingered unresolved for years, was successfully closed in a mere 34 days. This prompt resolution not only brought an end to Ms. Ghosh’s prolonged struggle but also highlighted the effectiveness of the Feedback Call Centre & Portal in facilitating quick and efficient solutions to long-standing issues.

Conclusion: Ms. Anuradha Ghosh’s success story stands as a beacon of hope for individuals navigating bureaucratic challenges in securing their entitled benefits. The Feedback Call Centre & Portal, through its intervention and dedicated follow-up, played a pivotal role in ensuring justice and timely resolution for Ms. Ghosh. This success story underscores the importance of such platforms in fostering accountability, transparency, and efficiency in public service delivery.


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