Thursday 1 February 2024

Revision of CGHS package rates for General Surgery: CGHS OM dated 01.02.2024

Revision of CGHS package rates for General Surgery: CGHS OM dated 01.02.2024

F No Z15025/8/2023/DIR/CGHS
Govt. of India
Min. of Health & Family Welfare Department of Health & Family Welfare
Directorate of CGHS

CGHS Bhawan,
RK Puram –Sector-13, New Delhi.
Dated the February 1st, 2024


Subject: Revision of CGHS package rates for General Surgery – regarding***

I am directed to convey the approval of the Competent Authority for the revision of CGHS package rates for General Surgery as per the details given below:

(all figures are in Rupees)

S NoCodeCGHS Treatment/Procedure/ Investigation ListRevised CGHS Rates for NABH accredited HospitalsRevised CGHS Rates for Non- NABH accredited Hospitals
13Dressings of wounds300255
25Aspiration Plural Effusion – Diagnostic700595
36Aspiration Plural Effusion – Therapeutic700595
47Abdominal / Peritoneal Aspiration – Diagnostic / Ascitic tapping / paracentesis – Diagnostic700595
58Abdominal / Peritoneal Aspiration – Therapeutic/ Ascitic tapping / paracentesis- Therapeutic750640
612Removal of Stitches /Sutures (7- 12 sutures)200170
814Phimosis correction / Paraphimosis reduction / Circumcision Under LA60005100
916Injection /Sclerotherapy / Banding of Haemorrhoids700595
1017Injection for Varicose Veins700595
1118Urinary bladder Catheterisation700595
1219Dilatation of Urethral stricture23001955
1320Incision & Drainage under local Anaesthesia (Large)23001955
14371Suturing of small wounds12501060
15372Secondary suture of wounds40003400
16373Debridement of wounds15001275
17374Removal Of Foreign Bodies- without C-ARM15001275
18375Excision of Cervical Lymph Node under LA31002635
19376Excision of Axillary Lymph Node under Gl Anaesthesia79006715
20377Excision of Inguinal Lymph Node under LA30002550
21381Trucut Needle Biopsy (Including Needle)35002975
23391Stappler haemorrhoidectomy4370037145
24393Varicose vein Surgery- Trendelenburg operation with suturing or ligation2300019550
25420Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia4000034000
26421Hiatus Hernia Repair- Abdominal3300028050
27422Hiatus Hernia Repair- Transthoracic3300028050
28423Exploratory Laparotomy (open)2500021250
29424Epigastric Hernia Repair2500021250
30427Inguinal Hernia Herniorrhaphy2600022100
31428Inguinal Hernia – Hernioplasty-3200027200
32429Femoral Hernia Repair3200027200
34442Cholecystectomy & Exploration of CBD3300028050
35444Operation for Hydatid Cyst of Liver2700022950
36446Hepatic Resections (Lobectomy /Hepatectomy)3300028050
38455including exploratory Laparotomy4750040375
39460Excision of Small Intestine Fistula4500038250
40463Operations of the Duplication of the Intestines— including exploratory Laparotomy4100034850
41469Terminal Colostomy3000025500
42470Closure of Colostomy3000025500
43471Right Hemi-colectomy3200027200
44472Left Hemi-colectomy3200027200
45473Total Colectomy4000034000
46476Fissure in Ano with Internal sphinctrectomy with fissurectomy.3200027200
47477Fissure in Ano – Fissurectomy2900024650
48478Rectal Polyp-Excision1370011645
49479Fistula in Ano – High Fistulectomy3500029750
50480Fistula in Ano – Low Fistulectomy2300019550
51482Prolapse Rectum – Rectopexy1400011900
52483Prolapse Rectum – Grahams OperationDeletedDeleted
53485Excision of Pilonidal Sinus (open)2200018700
54486Excision of Pilonidal Sinus with closure2500021250
55491Radio ablation of varicose veins (RFA Ablation)85007225
56492Laser ablation of varicose veins4000034000
57502Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy3300028050
58503Laparoscopic Appedicectomy3000025500


504Laparoscopic Hernia – inguinoplasty (including Tacker and Mesh)3500029750
60509Other Major Surgery-Abdomen/GI SurgeryDeletedDeleted
61510Other Minor Surgery-Abdomen/GI SurgeryDeletedDeleted

2. These package rates are applicable in all CGHS Cities.

3. These rates are in supersession of the hitherto existing CGHS package rates for the above items. The other terms and conditions of empanelment shall remain unchanged.

4. The revised package rates shall be applicable from the date of issue and shall be valid till further orders.

5. This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority and concurrence of the Integrated  Ministry of H&FW vide CD No. 3186 dated 01.02.2024.

(Dr. Manoj Jain)
Director, CGHS


1. All empanelled HCOs through Additional Director of concerned City.

2. All Ministries / Departments, Government of India through CGHS Website 


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