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Department of Post
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All Chief Postmaster General

This is regarding returned foreign parcel which remain unclaimed by both the addressee as well as the sender.

In most cases of retumed foreign parcels, senders are tourists from foreign countries who book parcels showing the address of their temporary place of stay such as hotel etc. as the sender's address. Such parcels cannot be delivered on return and Returned Postage Due Charges (RPD Charges) cannot be recovered due to non availability of the tourist at the given address. The Department has to bear the RPD Charges.

In view of the situation, it is suggested to kindly consult UPU Parcel Post Manual where as per articles RC 139 & RC 123, the undelivered or unclaimed parcel shall be dealt with in accordance with the instructions given by the sender. The sender can give non delivery instructions by duly filling CP71 (dispatch note) or CP72 (address label). The exhibits of both CP71 dispatch note and CP72 address label are enclosed for perusal and further guidance

it is requested that necessary steps be taken in this regard and suitable instructions given to the booking staff. It shall be the sole responsibility of the booking staff to ensure that non delivery instructions are filled by the sender and Return Postage Due Charges should be recovered from the delinquent

[S.C.Barma) Dy.Director General (R&GB)