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Minutes of the Meeting of India Posts Retired Officers Association Dated 10-10-2015

Minutes of the Meeting of India Posts’ Retired Officers’ Association.

1)The  Meeting of India Posts’ Retired Officers’ Association was held on 10-10-2015 at 3.00pm in the Conference Hall of Dadar IQ 5TH floor Dadar  under the Chairmanship of Shri R Ganesan Ex-Secretary Posts.
2) 13 officers attended the meeting. Annexure showing their names is attached separately.
3)  Inspite of various efforts undertaken at different levels during the last 3 meetings to maximize the membership as well as the attendance of retired officers, there appears to be no appreciable progress as yet. As such, Shri R. Ganesan, Chairman of the Association suggested the following 3 points for future course of action.
     a) Non-Gazette officials may be permitted to join this Association.
     b) Timings of holding next meeting shall be kept in the morning followed by lunch.
     c) If the attendance of officers is not improved in the next proposed meeting, the following steps may be taken to future:
To begin with there a meeting to be held in the forenoon as seemed to have been desired by many members followed by lunch which will be funded this time from the membership collected already. If the participation is of decent level and there is enthusiasm for such gathering to be continued then we can let the experiment to continue.
If in spite of the above arrangement done at the option of many members, if the attendance is not satisfactory indicting lack of enthusiasm to be part of this new Association, we can fix a meeting again after sometime, say in Feb., 2016, with a formal agenda to dissolve the Association. When we do that and there is consensus to dissolve the Association the February, 2016, meeting, we can formally declare so.
After that dissolution in Feb., 2016, we have to refund the subscriptions collected minus the expenses to all the members under the following formula:
i. All those who attended the first meeting, but did not attend any other meeting, their entire contribution of Rs.1000/= to be refunded as from their lack of participation it is evident that they had no intention continuing.
ii. For others who have been coming to the meeting thereafter, their money will be refunded minus the expenses.
iii. In case the expense are more than the subscriptions received, I will defray the excess as one who took the initiative, perhaps without testing the waters!!!
4)     Members present in the meeting stated that the entry of membership to this Association may be restricted up to Group “B” to Group “A” and above level. A cadre of ASPOs/ASRMs having status of Group “B” level shall also be allowed to be a member of this Association. This is unanimously accepted by all.
5)  Shri R B Kadam, Secretary of the Association, has stated that he is doing higher studies and does not get adequate time for doing the work of our Association. Therefore he requested to assign his work to someone . As such, Shri U P C Tauro has unanimously been made the Secretary of the Association. Shri U P C Tauro has willingly accepted this task and he was thanked for his gesture.
6)  Next meeting will be held on 12-12-2015 (Saturday) at 11.30 am  in the Conference Hall of Dadar IQ 5TH floor Dadar  under the Chairmanship of Shri R GanesanEx-Secretary Posts.
7) The meeting was concluded with vote of thanks by the Chairman of the Association.   

The following Members attended the meeting held on 10/10/2015
Mobile No
Shri R.Ganeshan    
Ms Humera Ahmed                 
Shri W.S.Janbandhu                 
Shri Subhash P.Sardal   
Shri Ramesh B.Kadam 
Shri G.T. Raut      
Ms Baby Rajagopalan               
Shri Bachchan Prasad               
Shri Shripad P. Inamdar
Shri Prabhakar R.Meshram      
Shri R.K.Joshi
Shri P.R.Yadav 
Shri U.P.C.Tauro


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