Government of India 
Ministry of Communications 
Department of Posts 
(Mission Karmayogi Division)
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg New Delhi-110001 
Dated: 14.02.2024
Heads of Postal Circles
Director, RAKNPA, Ghaziabad
Directors, Postal Training Centres
In-Charge, Regional Training Centres

Subject: Regarding "event hub" to elevate the learning journey with Karmayogi Talks.

This is with reference to email received from Karmayogi Bharat, DoPT, regarding 'Events' Hub is now operational on the iGOT Karmayogi Portal

2. iGOT Karmayogi stands as an innovative online learning platform poised to revolutionize capacity building for all government employees within the Digital India framework. Offering flexible 'anytime-anywhere-any device' learning, it aims to address the longstanding challenge of providing comprehensive training to government personnel. This platform represents a departure from traditional methods, ushering in a new era of accessible and dynamic professional development.

3.The 'Events' Hub is now operational on the iGOT Karmayogi Portal, adding a dynamic dimension to users' learning experiences. All live and past events can be accessed through the Events tab on the homepage of the iGOT Karmayogi Portal.

4. It is worth noting an intriguing feature within the Events tab:"Karmayogi Talks." In this segment, experts and practitioners distinguished in areas such as public policy, capacity-building, governance, academia, civil society, and technology share their insights on pivotal issues.

5. Accordingly, Circles and Training Centers within the Department of Posts (DOP) are requested to disseminate the new functionality to all employees and GDS for having access to these talks through the Events tab, facilitating continuous learning on the iGOT Karmayogi Portal.

Copy to:-
Dinesh Kumar Sharma Deputy Director General (Mission Karmayogi)
GM, CEPT - for uploading the order on India Post Website (Employee Corner)

Signed by Dinesh Kumar Sharma
Date: 14-02-2024 10:25:35 Reason: Approved