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News Letter June 2015

India Posts Retired Officers Association, Mumbai.
News Letter – 1
June, 2015
The Association is happy to issue this first News Letter after having successfully completed the initial formalities in three sittings at the lounge at Dadar IQ on the followings dates:
1.     30/01/2015    2. 04/03/2015       3. 18/04/2015
On the first meeting held on 30/01/2015, the following Members were present:
1) Shri R.Ganesan-9930135637
2) Ms. Humera Ahmed -9869725612
3) Shri A.P Srivastava-9869342175
4) Shri W.S Janabandu-9869465197
5) Shri Ramesh Kadam-9768680844
6) Shri G.T Raut-8652521816
7) Shri S.V Narayankar -9869380230
8) Shri R.K Joshi-9869651189
9) Shri P.R Meshram-9892786265
10) Shri I.R Oza-9892198760
11) Shri U.P.C Tauro-9821371944
12) Shri V.U.More-9867100725
13) Mrs.Baby Rajagopalan-9819014941
14) Mrs. Saraswathi-9769400532
15) Mrs Nilu Ahuja-9833440370

In the 2nd meeting held on 04/03/2015 following new members attended the meeting.
1) Shri V.K.Khanna-9833427274
2) Shri J.S.Patil-9969738385
3) Shri B.O.Jagtap-9702055042
4)Shri.Bachchan Prasad-9833425301

In the 3rd meeting held on 18/04/2015, four more new members who attended the meeting
1) Col.K.C.Mishra VSM-9404999400
2) Shri Subhash P Sardal-9867954880
3) Shri V.L Raichur-9619753668
4) Shri G.R.Nagrale-9930904245

First meeting:
There was lot of enthusiasm among those who gathered. Many may be meeting their erstwhile colleagues for the first time or after a long gap. After the exchange pleasantries, the meeting started with a welcome by Sri R.Ganesan. He expressed his happiness on the interest taken by all those to be present to the formation of the Association a success. The move is intended to bring together under one umbrella all those officers who retired from the Dept., of Posts. This gives us a sense of identity after the retirement that we are all bound by our long common link when we were in service. Such a long oneness we had in past shall continue post retirement too through this Association. Our gathering at regular intervals helps to keep the social bond built over decades of togetherness.
This was followed by Ms.Humera Ahmed who reiterated need for such a common forum for us. Such associations function successfully in other parts of the country and it is time we too in Mumbai start one for the retired officers of the Dept. of Posts. There is also enthusiasm in Pune for such a forum and Col. Mishra VSM is keen to join hands with us from Pune.
Shri A.P. Srivastava expressed his happiness that we have able to get together with a common purpose. He was happy that Shri Janbandhu and many others have taken a lot initiative to bring in many members. He hoped that we will be successful make the Association strong with more and more joining with time.
There after Shri Janbandhu detailed the efforts taken by him and his colleagues to have the initiation of this today a success. Many have shown interest and they will be joining too. He appealed to all members to talk to their friends to add to our strength.
This was followed by having the following as Office Bearers of the Association:
R.Ganesan                     President.
Humera Ahmed            Vice-President
A.P. Srivastava              Vice-President
Kadam                           Secretary
Janbandhu                  Organising Secretary
Tauro                            Joint Secretary
Ahuja                            Treasurer
More Office bearers will be added as when we have additional needs when more members join.
Following are the important decisions taken at this first meeting:
1.     Prepare the Bye-laws for the Association
2.     Work towards adding more membership
3.     The subscription shall be Rs.1000/= for Founder members and Rs.400/= for all other members.
4.     The joining fee will be Rs.200/= as a onetime payment.
5.     Life membership will be for ten times the prevailing annual subscription.

The meeting ended after fixing the date for the next meeting with vote of thanks by Shri Janbandhu.
Important decisions at the second meeting are:
1.     1 .The draft Bye-laws was discussed by the members present clause by clause and finalised the Bye-laws based all the changes suggested by the members.
2.     It was also decided that the Bye-laws finalised at this meeting will the guiding principle and the same will be followed in the first year without
registration. After successfully adopting the Bye-laws it will be taken up for formal registration under the relevant Act.
3.     Shri.V.K. Khanna will be Vice-President.
4.     In keeping with the personal request of Ms.Ahuja, Shri R.K.Joshi was requested to be the Treasurer and he accepted the same.
The third meeting decided the following:
1.     Col. K.C. Mishra VSM will be the Vice-president and he will be in charge of the Pune Chapter of the Association. He was requested to carry out a campaign to bring in as many members as possible.
2. For membership drive, it was decided to form What’s App group and Google/face book group .One officer will handle at least 5 officials having their mail-id, mobile no. and address etc. for persuading them to attend meeting and other allied works. Keeping in view 3 Nodal points in Mumbai i.e Kalyan, Dombivali, New-Mumbai and Mumbai Suburban(Western and Central), the following officers have been identified for such group.
  a)  Shri Nagrale-----------                     Kalyan area
b)   Shri  Sardal------------                     Dombivali and Thane
c)    Shri Tauro-------------                     Western Suburban
d)    Shri R B Kadam and Shri Janbandhu Coordinating Mumbai and Navi –Mumbai
3)      The periodicity of the meeting of the Association will be ONCE in 3 months.
4)      A Letter-head of the Association should be got printed after approval of the President of Association. It was also decided to send letter to CPMG Mumbai in c/w formation of the Association and seek his permission to display on notice boards in all HOs, DOs, ROs and COs etc.
 5) A similar letter will be also sent to Secretary, Posts, for the information of Directorate. It was decided to explore the possibilities of Associations’ Website for speedy information of Rules/Regulations and other activities.

6)      Col.K.C. Mishra VSM who is a Vice-President of the Association will be looking after Pune and South Maharashtra. He had suggested holding next meeting in Pune.
7)      Agenda for the next meeting will be as under along with our regular issues.
a.     Shri Vijay Khanna will speak 20 minutes on the subject “Opportunities to Retired Officers for their gainful engagement”
b.     Col K.C. Mishra VSM and Rtd CPMG will deliver lecture on “Health and Well-being.”
The meeting was concluded with vote of thanks by Shri R Ganesan.

The purpose of the newsletter is to apprise the members of the progress made so far in the formation of the Association. Once we have crossed the initial stage of carving out the basic modalities of managing our Association, we have to focus our attention on making it strong, vibrant and growing. We should make the newsletter informative and useful to the members. Keeping these in view we appeal to all the members share your thoughts with us and also bring in more and more members.

7th Central Pay Commission

You all are aware that the 7th Central Pay Commission is more or less reaching their final stage of consultations with all the stake holders.
It is widely believed that the report of the 7th CPC is expected before the end of this year and their recommendations will become effective from 1st, January 2016. While we may have some surprises in these dates, it can be reasonably expected that report will be given effect to for the pensioners also in2016. That is the time our Association becomes a critical means of resolving the issues which do crop up after every CPC. Our ability to resolve all issues with Authorities lies in having our presence made known not only to the all pensioners in Maharashtra Circle so that we have bigger strength but also widely publicise in our Circle with the Administration too. We need a minimum of 100 members
to make a sensible start towards this. Join hands with us and bring in more and more before our next meeting to be held in a few months from now.

We also appeal to our members to share their experience, knowledge and expectations of life at this stage, for publishing in the newsletter as these may benefit every one of us. Health tips, Spiritual thoughts, Geriatrics related subjects such as keeping away memory loss, exercises for mental health etc. Those who can contribute articles of interest to pensions, senior citizens can send them to us for inclusion.

We may go for hard copies if there is sufficient content and members for circulation. Inclusion of any material will be finalised by our team in this regard to ensure these are relevant to the members in general, can manage with in the space available etc.

Some of the websites where pensioners can get useful information for their benefit are:

Pensioners’ Portal- Govt. of India—

Ministry of Personnel, Pension, Public Grievances---
Digital Life Certificate
There is provision for Digital Life Certificate for pensioners available in the website of Pension Dept., of GOI. About this we can clarify personally to the members in our next meeting. This will avoid going through the formalities of giving life certificate which warrant either personal appearance or getting the form filled up and run to gazetted officer for authentication.

Food for Thought.

We seek suggestions from our members for
1.Motto of our Association.
(Example: Bharat Postal Pensioners’ Welfare Association, Tamil Nadu has for their Motto---- Service towards Welfare)
2.     LOGO for our use befitting our motto.

A Call to Members:
        Help us to Help you, bring in more members and above all attend the meetings to enable us to know your needs better.

Sd.                                                                                        Sd.                       
R.B.Kadam                                                                 Janbandhu
Secretary                                                                   Organising Secretary  


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