Friday 17 June 2016

Minutes of the Meeting of India Posts Retired Officers Association Dated 06-04-2016

Minutes of the Meeting of India Posts’ Retired Officers’ Association was held on Wednesday the 06-04-2016 at Bungalow No.07/01, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Western Express Highway, Borivali East, Mumbai- 400066 under the Chairmanship of Shri R. Ganesan Ex-Secretary  to Govt. of India, Director General,Posts New-Delhi and President of the Association.
2) Following members were present in the meeting.
                             1    Ms. Humera Ahmed -------Vice President
                             2    Col.K C Mishra V.S.M.------Vice President
                             3    Shri  Vijay Khanna---------  Vice President
                             4    Shri U.P.C.Tauro------------ Secretary  
                    5    Shri SV Narayankar----Organising Secretary
                    6    Shri W S Janbandhu----Organising Secretary
                             7    Shri R K Joshi------------------Treasurer
                             8.   Shri V.L. Raichur-------------Member 
                             9.    Shri S.P.Sardal--------------- Member
                            10.  Shri S.A.Siwal-----------------Member
                            11.  Shri R.S.Rajan---------------- Member
                            12.  Shri G.S.Taralekar----------- Pune Member
                            13.  Shri J.S.Patil-------------------Member
                            14.  Shri P.R.Yadav----------------Member
                            15.  Shri I.R.Oza--------------------Member
                            16.  Shri V.S.Jagtap----------------Member
                            17.  Shri B.G.Hande---------------Member
                            18.  Shri G.T.Raut------------------Member
                            19.   Shri G.D.Patil------------------Member

3) After completion of registration of membership and breakfast, the meeting started its business at 10.30 a.m. with a few words by Shri W.S. Janbandhu Organising Secretary of the Association who welcomed all members   present in the meeting. He mentioned that the meeting has been organized at such distant open environment  place  just to enjoy optimally keeping aside all our day-to-day  problems, worries etc. He further stated that the aim and   purpose of formation of this Association is to take care of all members’ difficulties and also to update the current activities of Department including benefits on health-care and pensions etc. Being hectic schedule ahead for the whole day, he requested Col. K. C. Mishra VSM and vice president of the Association to give welcome speech.

4) While delivering his welcome speech, Col K. C. Mishra VSM and Vice-President of the Association, first of all, praised the role of Shri R. Ganesan ex-Secretary to Govt of India, in setting up of the Association for welfare of all retired officers.He further stated that under his leadership the Association would definitely achieve goal for which it was established. He welcomed all members in the meeting.He mentioned that the contributions made by Shri  V. K. Khanna Vice-President of the Association have  strengthened the Association’s activities speedily.He also appreciated efforts undertaken by Shri U. P. C Tauro Secretary of the Association in making today’s arrangement successful. Further he explained in detail the activities of Association formed at Pune covering the entire Southern Maharashtra. Pune Association has so far organized two meetings in Lonavala & Mahabaleshwar and next meeting is scheduled to be held at Bhimashankar on 17-04-2016. He appealed to  all members to attend this meeting. He pointed out that other Regions viz, Goa, Aurangabad and Nagpur shall have similar Association like Mumbai and Pune. After this, formation of a federation like structure can be considered.

5) Shri V. K. Khanna Vice-President of the Association, while speaking on the occasion, narrated work culture and pressure of work during his tenure. It is really to be appreciated that all members at the age of 60 years and above, attended the meeting at such distant environment, place, despite their health, transport and other unforeseen difficulties etc. which showed their energy and enthusiasm towards Association. He wished them good health.

6) Shri U.P.C Tauro Secretary of the Association, before getting the minutes of the last meeting ratified in the meeting, informed to all members that the minutes of the last meeting were circulated to all members & also printed in the News Letter 02. As such, the minutes of the last meeting were got ratified unanimously.

7) Thereafter, News Letter 02 dated 06/04/2016 was released by Shri R. Ganesan ex-Secretary to Govt. of India and Hon’ble President of the Association.

8) Shri R Ganesan president of the Association, in his key-note address,spoke on the topic of “Who am I? “, the knowledge of which will bring lasting happiness in life, free of guilt and hurt, as these two generally keep coming back again and again in one’s life as age advances. A background paper on the subject has been separately e mailed to those members who wanted to go into this topic in greater detail.

9) In between the talk, a visit was arranged in the Tiger Safari Park for all members in a bus at 12.0 p.m. On return back to the venue, the talk on the topic of “Who am I?“ was continued by Shri R Ganesan president of the Association. Lunch was organized on the venue (Bungalow No.07/01, Sanjay Gandhi National Park) at 13.30 p.m..

10) Meeting of IPROA was again resumed at 02.30 p.m. for discussion of the following subjects of the agenda:-

i)For deciding  logo and motto of the Association, Shri S V Narayankar and other members were asked to suggest logo & motto of the Association and come up with a proposal to decide in Annual General Meeting .
ii) It was decided unanimously to hold the Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) at Conference Hall, Inspection Quarters, Dadar H.O. Building 5TH floor on Saturday the   25th June 2016 at 11.0 a.m. followed by Lunch.
iii) For Registration of the Association,it was decided to take up this issue with Govt. of Maharashtra when membership of the Association crosses 50 numbers.

11)  All members visited Kanheri Caves in a separate transport organized by the Secretary IPROA at 02.45 p.m. from the venue and returned back to the venue for hi-tea at 4.15 p.m.

 12) During hi-tea, the following issues were discussed.
i) For nomination of Internal Auditor, the name of Sri J S Patil came up for consideration. However, President of the Association opined that the Internal Auditor should be a qualified person from Account line. Pending finding a willing person from this category, Shri. J. S. Patil will audit the annual accounts for the year 2015-16.This will be again discussed during the next meeting.

ii)  (a) To appoint for Editorial team for  next news letter, it was decided the names of following members:
Ms. Humera Ahmed—Chief Editor
Shri U.P.C Tauro---------Contributor editor
Shri  J. S .Patil-------------  ----do-----
Shri S. A. Siwal---------      ----do-----
Shri S. V. Narayankar---------do-----

(b) News letter would be published twice in a year provided the regular meetings or annual meetings are held and subject to availability of funds.

(c) Website should be created free of cost and contents of new letter may be incorporated therein.

(iii)  Regarding code for postings on IPROA what’s app Group it was decided to post only the matter relevant and useful to the members of the group. A separate group will be opened for posting other messages

13) The meeting of IPROA was concluded with vote of thanks by Shri S A Siwal at 05.0 p.m.


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