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Minutes of the Meeting of India Posts Retired Officers Association Dated 19-12-2015

                             Minutes of the Meeting of India Posts Retired Officers Association
The Minutes of the Meeting of India Posts Retired Officers Association was held on 19-12-2015 at 11.30 am in the Conference Hall of Dadar IQ 5TH floor   Dadar under the Chairmanship of Shri R Ganesan Ex-Secretary, Posts, New-Delhi.
2) Following members were present in the meeting.
              1    Ms. Humera Ahmed -------Vice Chairperson
               2    Col.K C Mishra V.S.M.------Vice Chairman
               3    Shri  VijayKhanna------------Vice Chairman
               4    Shri  U.P.C.Tauro--------------Secretary
                5    Shri S.V.Narayankar----------Organising Secretary
                6    Shri W S Janbandhu---------- Organising Secretary
                7    Shri R K Joshi------------------- --Treasurer
         8    Shri V.L.Raichur--------------------Member
         9    Shri S.P.Sardal----------------------Member
       10    Shri B.Prasad-----------------------Member
       11    Shri S.A.Siwal----------------------Member
       12    Shri R.S.Rajan----------------------Member
       13    Shri K.P.Katdare-------------------Member
       14     Shri P.R.Meshram----------------Member
       15    Shri R.B.Kadam--------------------Member
       16    Shri R.L.Modi---------------------- Member
       17     Shri I.R.Oza-----------------------Member
       18     Ms Baby Rajagopalan---------- Member
              19     Ms K.Saraswati-------------------Member
3)   At the outset, Shri W S Janbandhu, Organizing Secretary, welcomed President, vice- Presidents and all Members present in the meeting. He further mentioned that there are three important subjects on the agenda which are beneficial to all Members for their post-retirement life and requested all of them to hear patiently. He requested Secretary to read and get confirmed the minutes of last meeting.
4)   The Secretary read out the minutes of the last meeting and got confirmed with an approval of all the members present in the meeting.
5)     Thereafter, Shri R Ganesan President addressed all members. First of all he thanked Mr. Tauro Secretary for all the efforts taken to keep in touch with all the members and also to organize today’s meeting successfully. He stated that he was happy to see the enthusiasm among members to participate. However the attendance of members needed improvement as per his expectation to make the Association more effective in attending to the issues which may come up in future.
 He then elaborated the details of earlier CPCs relating to pensioners and added that the 7th CPC has more or less maintained the status quo in respect of most of the benefits, with only incremental changes in keeping with inflation linked pay hike for the serving employees.
 He further stated that the Association Secretary will give details of 7th CPC before concluding the meeting.
                                 He also suggested in the context of the letter written to AD (PSR) seeking permission to hold the meeting in Dadar IQ, to write a letter to CPMG, Mumbai about our Association and also fix a meeting with him in the first fortnight of January 2016 so that it can be given to him personally and apprise the HOC about us.
                                  6) Col.K C Mishra VSM Vice- president of the Association, before giving his speech on “Holistic Health Care and Wellness”, thanked all. He stated that he would like to share the activities of retired officers’ Association at Pune. He mentioned that the information of retired officers was collected through Post Offices from where they get their pension, and kept a meeting at Lonavala for a day wherein more than 30 retired officers residing in Pune attended the same, discussed various issues and enjoyed a lot. He further mentioned that the next meeting would be organized at Mahabaleshwar which received spontaneous response from members. He stated that the Charity Commissioner, Pune has also been addressed for registration.
On his subject “Holistic Health Care and Wellness”, he spoke in detail for about 45 minutes to explain the steps required for keeping a good health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. He explained in details Aroma therapy, Energy based therapy, Aurveda medicine, vibration therapy, Naturopathy medicine, Acupressure etc. He briefed about food that are to be taken in our daily diet and those foods which need to be avoided for better health. The speech was very useful for our members to keep fit in their day to day routine life. All have appreciated this.
7)Shri V K Khanna while speaking on the subject of “ Opportunities to Retired Officers for their gainful engagement“, mentioned that now- a -days  lot of skill is sought for engagement of job. But he stated that any kind of job or job requirement, dedication is more important. He gave example of Shri Sakalkale ex-CPMG. He preferred the job of teaching where the remuneration was small but get free time than getting a job for more than 8 hours. Part time employment is necessary for retired officers; they can join NGOs or healthy Societies as managers which is a part time job. He did not recommend job for enterprises as one would loose peace of mind, any job for retired personnel would depend on how much time he could work.
While summing up his speech, he specified the following categories where the job could be preferred
                  1) Business ----own job
                  2) Examiners of Trade Marks Registry
                  3) Part time engagement in Govt.
                  4) Managers in Societies

                            8)  Shri Tauro   secretary, after lunch, spoke on 7th CPC with a detailed report submitted to the Govt. pertaining to pensioners. He  briefly read out  the recommendations of 7th CPC about raising the existing rates of pension  and family pension, increase in the rate of additional pension and family pension, parity in pension between Pre and Post 7th CPC Retirees, fixation of  revised pension,
 (a) In the Pay Matrix being recommended by the 7th CPC, on the basis of Pay Band and Grade Pay at which they are retired, by adding the no. of increments@3% and the revised pension of 50% of the total amount so arrived at,
 (b) Multiplication by 2.57 to the  pension fixed at the time of implementation of 6th CPC, Option given to the pensioners for choosing whichever formulation beneficial to pensioners, increase/decrease in pension, medical facilities available, and FMA  etc.
9)   (a)  At  last, in order to decide further plans for development of the Association, the President suggested to arrange 3 meetings of Association in a year, in April, August and in December. It was agreed after discussion that we could meet in different locations to make the meeting more interesting.
     There was a suggestion to hold the next meeting at Borivali National Park. This can be done if there is suitable place in the Park for holding such a meeting. This may be ascertained and if found suitable, the meeting can be held there. Regarding this, Secretary, Shri Tauro will communicate along with date, time, and payment needed for the purpose separately.
 (b) President of the Association welcomed more persons to talk on topics of interest to retired persons who are also Senior Citizens and on geriatrics as relevant to them as they grow old. We must focus not only on treatment of a problem but also on preventive health similar to what Col.Mishra V.S.M. had talked to us.
 (c) He added that at the next meeting, he would speak for about half an hour on a subject of  ‘’ WHO AM I ? “
 (d) This can be followed by two minutes “talk“by all members present in the next meeting.
                      (e)  As the duration of that meeting could be of 5 to 6 hrs, the meeting will start by 10.00 am and end by 5.00pm.
(f) ` 500/- will be contributed by all participants that includes breakfast, tea and lunch etc. and also entertainment by willing members. Any balance will be refunded to the members.
(d) President requested the Secretary and the members to use their contacts to get list of officers retired from the PO to increase the membership further.
10) The meeting was concluded with vote of thanks by Shri R B Kadam

President                                                               Secretary.




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