KK Polytechnic Post Office: Government funds worth more than Rs 10 crore missing, SSP formed a committee and started departmental inquiry.

Dhanbad, Manohar Kumar: Government funds worth more than Rs 10 crore are missing from KK Polytechnic Post Office located at Govindpur in Dhanbad district. It smells of scam. The report of the Director of Accounts Postal (DAP) has revealed the fraud committed by the said post office. According to this, prima facie an amount of about Rs 1.80 crore is missing from KK Polytechnic Post Office.
  • Director of Accounts Postal (DAP) caught the error
  • Illegal deposit and withdrawal of government funds was being done from 8-9 accounts.
  • Fraud was going on in KK Polytechnic Post Office since August 2022
However, after investigation, this amount is estimated to be more than Rs 10 crore. Here, on the instructions of DAP, Dhanbad Senior Superintendent of Posts (SSP) Uttam Singh has formed a committee and started a departmental inquiry into the matter. Also, the concerned post master Suman Saurabh has been transferred from KK Polytechnic Post Office to Jharia Post Office. The investigation of the case has been handed over to Inspector Ranjan.
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20 lakh rupees were deposited

After the fraud of Rs 1.80 crore by DAP came to light, the then postmaster of the said post office has also deposited about Rs 20 lakh. This has become a topic of discussion in Dhanbad division. It is reported that the ID of the then poster master of KK Polytechnic has also been closed.

Prima facie there was a misappropriation of Rs 1.80 crore: SSP 

It is too early to say anything regarding the irregularities in KK Polytechnic Post Office. Prima facie, irregularities of Rs 1.80 crore have come to light. A departmental inquiry has been started by forming a committee in the matter. The whole matter will be revealed soon.

Uttam Singh, Senior Postal Superintendent (Dhanbad Division)  The fraud was going on since August 2022

According to the information, fraud was going on in KK Polytechnic Post Office since August 2022. DAP has seized about 8-9 accounts. In which government funds were being deposited and withdrawn illegally. In this, 3-4 accounts are said to be of outsourcing personnel working in Dhanbad Head Post Office only. According to the information, he is absconding after receiving information about Jhala’s disturbance.
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Converted cash into cheque. 

According to the information, the postmaster of KK Polytechnic used to deposit the amount in his selected accounts and show it in the cheque, so that he does not have to deposit the said amount in the treasury. Also, cash was being converted into cheques to balance the amount. After this, the game of illegal withdrawal of the said amount was going on by transferring the said amount from one account to another and from the second account to the third account.