Thursday 15 February 2024

Ms. Geeta Chatterjee – Sanction of family pension to unmarried daughter after 1 year: A Success Story from CPENGRAMS in 3 days

 Ms. Geeta Chatterjee – Sanction of family pension to unmarried daughter after 1 year: A Success Story from CPENGRAMS in 3 days

In a heartening success story, Ms. Geeta Chatterjee, the unmarried daughter of a deceased pensioner, overcame bureaucratic hurdles and financial distress to finally receive her rightful family pension after a year-long struggle.

The Unfortunate Beginning

The tale began on a somber note with the demise of Ms. Chatterjee’s father on 23rd July 2022. As the legal heir, she anticipated receiving her family pension promptly but found herself in a bureaucratic maze when the due amount was not disbursed despite the submission of all required documents.

The Frustration and Initial Attempt

Faced with financial difficulties and growing frustration, Ms. Chatterjee decided to seek help through the CPENGRAMS portal on 24th April 2023. While the grievance was acknowledged, it was inexplicably closed within a mere three days, leaving her perplexed and without a solution.

Persistence and Feedback

Undeterred, Ms. Chatterjee displayed resilience by re-registering her grievance, providing additional details and expressing her dissatisfaction with the previous resolution. The Feedback Call Centre played a crucial role at this juncture, collecting her feedback and thoroughly examining the case on its merits.

Strategic Intervention

Recognizing the urgency of the matter, an e-mail was promptly dispatched to the CPENGRAMS Nodal Officer. The correspondence emphasized the critical nature of Ms. Chatterjee’s case and implored them to accord the highest priority for swift resolution.

The Turning Point

The strategic intervention and persistence paid off. In a commendable turnaround, the family pensioner, who had been facing financial hardship, received a substantial payment of Rs. 1,03,301. Additionally, her regular family pension was reinstated, providing the much-needed financial stability.

Timely Closure and Relief

The re-registered case, thanks to the comprehensive examination and strategic follow-up, was successfully closed within a mere three days. Ms. Chatterjee, once grappling with uncertainty and financial strain, could finally breathe a sigh of relief as justice prevailed.


The success story of Ms. Geeta Chatterjee underscores the importance of an effective feedback system and strategic interventions in resolving grievances. Through perseverance and strategic collaboration between the Feedback Call Centre and the CPENGRAMS portal, a seemingly insurmountable challenge was overcome, providing financial respite to a grieving daughter. This case serves as a testament to the potential of such systems in delivering justice and relief to those in need.



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