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Revised Pattern and Syllabus of PO & RMS Accountant Examination

 Revised Pattern and Syllabus of PO & RMS Accountant Examination

PO and RMS Accountant Exam 

Pattern of examination:

There will be two paper with books for this examination. Maximum marks in each paper will be 100. 

  • Both Paper will consist of theoretical question and practical question in the proportion of 1/3rd theoretical and 2/3rd practical question. In both the portions, there will be some compulsory question. Marks for theory portion would be 30 and those for practical portion will be 70. 
  • For O.C. candidates, qualifying marks will be 45% in each paper and 50% in the aggregate. SC/ST candidates will require 38% and 43 % marks respectively for qualifying in each paper and in the aggregate. 
  • An official securing at least 60% marks in a particular paper will be exempted from appearing in that paper in the next two subsequent examination. 


PO and RMS Accountant Exam Syllabus 

PO and RMS Accountant Exam Paper I (with Books)

[ Duration: 3 hours  Marks: 100 marks ]


  1. FRs 1 to 56 
  2. SRs 1to 203 
  3. CCS (joining Time) Rules 1979 
  4. CCS (Leave ) Rules 1972 
  5. CCS (Pension) Rules 1972, New Pension Scheme Rules 
  6. GPF (CS) Rules 1960


  1. Dearness allowance 
  2. House Rent allowance 
  3. City compensatory allowance 
  4. children Education allowance 
  5. Service rules for Gamin Dak Sevak ( Section - III, VI, VII, IX, XI ) 

PO and RMS Accountant Exam Paper II (with Books)

 [ Duration: 3 hours  Marks: 100 marks ]

Part -II

  1. FHB Volume I & II
  2. Postal Manual Volume II (chapter IV, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII )
  3. Schedule of financial powers of the Department of Posts .
  4. Core System Integration Manual in SAP environment related to Finance & Accounts (F&A) functions, HR pay role management Manual. 


  1. Postal Manual Volume VI Part-I, II, VII,XII,XVI,XVII
  2. Postal Manual Volume VI Part Il (relating to MOS, IPOS, BPOS) 
  3. Overtime allowance, Medical reimbursement , Central Government Health Insurance Scheme, HBA, LTC & Group Insurance Scheme 
  4. Procurement of Goods & Services (GFR, Handbook on GeM) 


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