Friday, 4 August 2017

Solution for the error in DOP ATM machine - "Invalid account error in ATM machine"

Solution for the error in DOP ATM machine - "Invalid account error in ATM machine"

  • Generally in DOP Finacle we will issue personalized or Instant cards using the menu CCMM.
  • For detailed step by step procedure to issue the ATM cards(personalized/instant cards) in DOP Finacle users can 
  • After receipt of Personalized/replaced pin and card, first level of activation and verification has to be done by the Home SOL ID only in CCMM menu. Once this activity is completed, the card will be activated within 24hrs.
  • Even though sometimes when the customer tries to use the ATM machine will show the error "Invalid account error in ATM machine".

Root cause of the above Problem :-

  • The above error will occur when there is verification pending for that account in the menu CCMM then the system will show the above said error.
  • In order to check the status of the card also invoke the menu CCMM and use the function as Inquire and then check for the status of the card.

Solution for the above Problem :-

  • When the counter PA received the complaint from the customer and facing the above said error then immediately verify the account using the menu CCMM.
  • Even after verification of CCMM also if the customer is facing the same error while using the ATM card then immediately intimate to CPC Bangalore along with copy to your respective CPC to resolve the issue.


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