Monday, 28 August 2017

Disable USB Port on Windows

Disable USB Port on Windows

Disable USB Ports on Windows

Most of us have come across a situation where we need to disable the USB Port at offices for various reasons. Mostly to protect computers from viruses and to protect our data from being stolen. So, in this tutorial, I will try to explain various methods to enable / disable USB Port on any version on Windows OS

The common methods used to block USB Port are 

1. Changing the Registry Values

2. Disabling USB Device Manager

3. Uninstalling Your USB Mass Storage Drivers

Method 1: Disable USB Port by Changing the Registry
This is the simplest method. In this method, the registry value is changed so that it will disable the USB port. 

1.Go to Run (Win+R)
2.Type Regedit
3. Go to
4. In USBSTOR, double click on start
Change the value data to 4 to disable the USB Port
Change the value data to 3 to enable the USB Port when required
5. Click ok and close the Registry Editor.

Method 2: Disabling USB Device Manager
1. Go to Device manager (Right Click on My Computer and select Manage)
2. Select Device Manager from System Tools
3. Expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers
4. Right Click on all USBC and disable all the drivers

Method 3: Uninstalling Your USB Mass Storage Drivers
Actually, this is an extension of above said method (Disabling USB Drivers Method). You need to do this if the above said two methods didn’t work for you. You need to uninstall all USBC drivers instead of disable as said in second method.

Please restart the computer after doing the above said methods for 100% results.

Hope you all understand the methods!!!

Sanoj P Raj
System Administrator
Palakkad Division, Kerala


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