Monday 29 January 2024

Success Story: Smt. Jasodaben Devi’s 36-Year Battle for Pension Resolved Success Story

 Success Story: Smt. Jasodaben Devi’s 36-Year Battle for Pension Resolved


In a poignant saga of resilience and determination, Smt. Jasodaben Devi, the wife of Nayak Karam Chand of the 42 Battalion of BSF, emerged victorious after a relentless 36-year battle for her rightful pension. The tale of her struggle and eventual success serves as an inspiring testament to the power of perseverance in the face of bureaucratic challenges.

The Grievance:

Smt. Jasodaben Devi had been receiving family pension at the minimum rates prescribed under the CCS pension rules after her husband sacrificed his life in the line of duty. However, dissatisfied with the meager pension, she decided to take action. On May 26, 2022, she registered a grievance on the CPENGRAMS Portal, seeking a higher family pension rate under CCS (EOP) rules.

Pension Adalat and Revelation:

The turning point in Smt. Jasodaben Devi’s quest for justice came on May 17, 2023, during the Pension Adalat. Representatives of the BSF were present to address pension-related issues, and it was here that a startling revelation came to light. It was disclosed that Smt. Jasodaben Devi had not been receiving the revised family pension rates as recommended by the 5th, 6th, and 7th pay commissions.

Intervention and Resolution:

Armed with this crucial information, the Pension Adalat intervened in Smt. Jasodaben Devi’s case. Recognizing the injustice she had endured for over three decades, the Adalat authorities took prompt action. As a result, after 36 long years of struggle, Smt. Jasodaben Devi was not only granted the revised family pension rates but also received arrears amounting to Rs. 17.31 lakh.

A Heartening Victory:

Smt. Jasodaben Devi’s triumph is more than just a financial gain; it symbolizes the triumph of determination over adversity and the victory of justice over bureaucratic red tape. The resolution of her case showcases the positive impact of good governance and the effectiveness of platforms like CPENGRAMS in addressing citizens’ grievances.


Smt. Jasodaben Devi’s success story is a beacon of hope for those who find themselves entangled in bureaucratic complexities. Her perseverance, coupled with the intervention of the Pension Adalat, not only secured her rightful pension but also brought to light the importance of implementing pay commission recommendations for the welfare of the families of those who sacrifice their lives in the service of the nation. In this tale of triumph, Smt. Jasodaben Devi stands as a living testament to the power of resilience and the significance of a system that listens and acts in the best interest of its citizens.



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