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Success Story of Pension Adalat: Miss Sumitra Devi- Sanction of Family Pension to dependent unmarried daughter after 21 years

 Success Story of Pension Adalat: Miss Sumitra Devi- Sanction of Family Pension to dependent unmarried daughter after 21 years

Success Story

4. Miss Sumitra Devi- Sanction of Family Pension to dependent unmarried daughter after 21 years


The journey towards securing entitlements following the demise of a loved one can be fraught with challenges, bureaucracy, and, at times, prolonged waiting periods. Miss Sumitra Devi’s poignant tale revolves around her determined pursuit of justice and the sanction of family pension as the dependent unmarried daughter of SI Hiralal from the Army Airborne Training School, Agra. The successful resolution of her grievance showcases the power of perseverance, highlighting the importance of streamlined processes in ensuring timely and rightful benefits.

The Unfortunate Demise:

The story begins with the unfortunate demise of SI Hiralal, who served with distinction at the Army Airborne Training School in Agra. His passing left behind a grieving family, and his wife, Smt. Premvati Devi, rightfully submitted a claim for family pension to sustain their livelihood after the loss of the primary breadwinner.

A Tragic Turn:

Tragically, the untimely demise of Smt. Premvati Devi on July 31, 2002, added another layer of complexity to the situation. With the claim for family pension still pending, the burden fell upon Miss Sumitra Devi, the unmarried dependent daughter of SI Hiralal, to navigate the intricacies of bureaucracy and ensure the family’s entitlements were rightfully granted.


The Initiative:

In a commendable move towards seeking resolution, Miss Sumitra Devi took the initiative to register a grievance on the CPENGRAMS portal on October 17, 2022. Her grievance aimed at expediting the settlement of the long-pending family pension claim and bringing closure to the prolonged wait for justice.

The Grievance Resolution Process:

The Pension Adalat, designed to address pension-related grievances, played a pivotal role in Sumitra Devi’s case. On May 17, 2023, the Adalat considered her grievance and brought to light some incongruities in the documents submitted by the claimant, which had contributed to the delay in processing the family pension.

The Department’s Response:

The department, while acknowledging the delays caused by document discrepancies, assured that necessary verifications were underway. Thanks to Sumitra Devi’s perseverance and dedication, all the required documents were promptly submitted, paving the way for a swift resolution. The department informed that the case had been resolved, and it was now submitted to the accounts department for further processing.

Sumitra Devi’s Triumph:

Miss Sumitra Devi’s unwavering determination, coupled with her commitment to good governance, has proven instrumental in moving the wheels of justice forward. After a 21-year-long struggle, her family can finally look forward to the sanction of the much-awaited family pension. This success story serves as an inspiring example of an individual’s resilience in navigating bureaucratic complexities to secure rightful entitlements.


Miss Sumitra Devi’s triumphant journey towards the sanction of family pension after 21 years stands as a testament to the significance of perseverance, initiative, and streamlined grievance resolution processes. Her success not only brings relief to her family but also underscores the importance of efficient and compassionate administration in ensuring that beneficiaries receive their entitled benefits in a timely manner. As we celebrate Sumitra Devi’s victory, let it serve as a reminder that every individual’s quest for justice can make a meaningful impact, contributing to a more just and responsive system.

Source: DoPPW


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