Wednesday 24 January 2024

Pension Success Story: Shri P Panner Selvam’s 17-Year struggle yields Rs. 41,41,966 arrears and starting of Pension after 17 years

 Pension Success Story: Shri P Panner Selvam’s 17-Year struggle yields Rs. 41,41,966 arrears and starting of Pension after 17 years

Gist of Success Story: Payment of pension arrears of Rs. 41,41,966/- and starting of Pension after 17 years

Sh. P Panner Selvam was initially employed with Indian Air Force and thereafter, he took VRS and was re-employed with Indian Airlines with effect from December, 2006. However, his pension from Indian Air Force was not sanctioned due to Service related matter. The issue was litigated by him in 2019 and he got a favorable order in 2022 from Hon’ble Delhi High Court. The Ministry of Defence accepted the order.

Subsequently, his PPO was issued by Jt. CDA (Air Force), New Delhi on 04.11.2022, however, payment of pension along with arrear was not made for seven months even after the issuance of PPO. Thereafter, he filed complaint on CPENGRAMS Portal in July 2023 with registration no. DOPPW/E/2023/0028663 . The grievance was closed by PCDA, informing that he had not furnished PPO number in his complaint.

He again filed the grievance with registration bearing no DOPPW/E/2023/0056351 in November, 2023 stating that he had submitted the PPO no. and all other relevant documents viz. life certificate, Undertakings and re-employer certificate. He submitted that repeated enquiry, emails, personal visit to UBI branch, Pension Disbursing Bank went in vain.

His grievance was forwarded by DOPPW to DFS(BD) and it expeditiously processed his case. On 4th December, he received the pension arrear of Rs. 36,08,145 along with Rs. 5,33,831 from 17.12.2006 to November 2023. Also, he received OROP-2 full arrear of Rs. 52,013.

Hence, he has received total amount of Rs. 41,41,966/-.


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