Friday 10 June 2022

WhatsApp Update- Groups will have 512 members now, know more

 WhatsApp Update- Groups will have 512 members now, know more

WhatsApp has been proactively working on the betterment of the platform and adding various features for a better user experience. Recently, the platform has announced that they are adding a new emoji reactions feature to the platform. In the new feature, users will further be enabled to share files with a size which is increased to 2GB. Furthermore, the user will be capable to have more members in a WhatsApp group, with up to 512 members.

Post announcing the Communities feature, the messaging app started rolling out the new emoji reactions to incorporate more engagement in reactions with much-upgraded expressions.

As we all know that end-to-end encryption has been securing our chats for years how. The platform has further added a capability to send files as large as 2GB, on the platform- and it certainly is a big upgrade, as earlier, the platform only permitted 100MB size for the files. The company aims at making the platform more consumer-friendly and easy to communicate with users.

Also, the one who is willing to send a heavy file will get a display counter which will indicate the user for the uploading time and downloading time for any file which has been shared through the platform.

WhatsApp has been reportedly working on aggressive updates on the platform. Indeed the texting app is looking forward to providing an organised and structured platform, enabling the members to come together and converse smoothly. 

The new Communities feature will also enable the user with essential tools, majorly the admins of the WhatsApp group, who can use the chatting platform to make big announcements in the groups, along with larger group calling abilities, the ability to delete messages and sharing heavy files.


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