Sunday 12 June 2022

DOP eMAIL Migration to NIC

 DOP eMAIL Migration to NIC | The complete email system of DOP shall be migrated to NIC from CSI | Migration on 03rd July 2022

 DOP EMAIL MIGRATION TO NIC. DOP (Department of Posts) is planning to Migrate its eMails to NIC ( National Informatics Centre) On 3rd July 2022. The complete email system shall be migrated to NIC from CSI.

  • The email ID shall remain the same eg.
  • All the existing emails in the inbox shall be subsequently migrated to NIC
Following benefits:

✅ The previous limit of <25000 mails of Indiapost will be lifted and circles can CREATE AS MUCH NUMBER OF EMAILS as required to cover all functional positions.

✅ Many security features shall be implemented like TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION using kavach mobile app.

✅ All users can enable /disable mobile, outlook etc. in a SELF SERVICE MODE and no ticket shall be required to be raised.

✅ Due to 2 factor authentication, there shall also NOT BE PASSWORD EXPIRY of 90 days.

✅ The deleted EMAILS CAN BE RECOVERED from upto 90 days.


✅ We would be able to sent single email with upto 25 MB AS ATTACHMENTS AND 1GB using briefcase feature.

This will also open up the opportunity for implementation of centralised eOffice in circles in coming future.

Training rounds are being given to each circles trainers for the usage of NIC email system.

You are requested to kindly expedite the email creation in the new system by submitting the required details and sensitise all of them about migration which shall happen on 3rd July 2022.

Kindly bring the above to the notice of all concerned.


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