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Conduct & Disciplinary Rules – 120 : (Compiled By Com Kayveeyes)

  Conduct & Disciplinary Rules – 120 : (Compiled By Com Kayveeyes) 



1.    General Information

Notices concerning the Post are notified on the Notice Board of Post Office Enquiry relating to postal business can be made from the enquiry counter/Postmaster during the working hours of the Post Office. Where enquiry telephone is provided, enquiry may be made on telephone.

2.    Suggestions and complaints book

The book is available at all Post Offices for recording by any member of public. 

3.    Addressing of Complaint

Complaint should be addressed to the Divisional Superintendent of Post Offices, if relating to a Post Office in the Division, and to the Chief Postmaster/Senior Post-master, if relating to his Office, Complaint can also be sent to the Postmaster General in case the complaint is not satisfied with the response at the lower level or otherwise also.

4.    Transmission of Complaint

Complaint against service including reminder on complaint can be tendered open/ Complaint against service including reminder on complaint can be tendered open/ in open cover, for free transmission, at any Post Office.

5.    Period for Preferring Complaint

Complaint should be preferred within the period shown below.

1.        Money Order/Value Payable Money Order - Twelve Months from the date of booking (two years in case of MO issued at Field Post Office).

2.        Loss/Damage to Registered/Insured article, in case of compensation/claim - Three months of date of posting.

3.        Complaint relating to inland post - six months from the date of incident

4.        Refund of telegraph charge on Telegraphic Money Order - Two months from the date of booking

5.        Miscarriage/Loss/Destruction of Postal order - Twelve months from the last day of month of issue.

6.        Value-Payable Article - Six months from the date of posting

7.        Speed Post article - Up to one month (Domestic) Upto 2 months (International) from the date of posting. 

6.    Particulars to be given in complaint

For proper investigation, full information should be given in the complaint, along with documents as indicated below, besides the full name and address of the complainant.

1.        Loss or delay to unregistered post

Time and date of Posting. Letter Box in which posted. Name and full address of addressee and sender. Name and particulars of person who posted the article. *Wrapper/Cover of the article in case of delay.

2.        Loss of Contents

Particulars of missing contents (if known) *Wrapper/Cover of the article

3.        Over charge

*Wrapper/Cover without opening the article

4.        Loss/Miscarriage/ Destruction of Postal Order

 *Counterfoil, if not available, serial number of the Order, Office of issue and date of purchase.

5. Article(s) for which receipt

Name and address of the addressee, number is granted and date and office of booking and destination. Amount in respect of Money Order / VP and insured. Receipt / Copy of receipt issued by Post Office. (* Where applicable.) 


A parcel containing more than one written communication of the nature of a letter, or having the character of a personal communication or any such communication addressed to a person other than the addressee, should not be accepted for despatch, and the sender should be told accordingly. If it is noticed in course of transmission, it should be endorsed “For Open Delivery" and forwarded to destination for necessary action. The condition that a parcel shall not contain more than one written communication of the character of a personnel communication shall not apply to an official parcel. (R-88, Vol. V)


If any portion of the mail received in a post office/mail office or section is in any way damaged or if the condition of any bag creates suspicion that it has been tampered with or if any bag is missing the official concerned must bring the matter at once (by day or night) to the notice of the Postmaster of Head sorter as the case may be who should take immediate action for investigations. (R-142, Vol.V ) 


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