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Induction training to PA/SA LGO candidates regarding

 Induction training to PA/SA LGO candidates regarding

No: 1-19/2010-Trg 
Government of India 
Ministry of Communications & IT 
Department of Posts, (Training Division) 
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, 
New Delhi - 110 001 
Dated: 9.1.2012 
All Heads of Circles 
Subject: Induction Training to PA/SALGO Candidates, 

It has been brought to the notice of the Postal Directorate that the Induction Training to the PA/SALGO candidates who passed the LGO examination in the year 2010 was delayed. In consequence, they could not be promoted to the cadre of PA/SA in time thereby suffering from loss of differential pay for some period. 

2. SPB Section in the year 2010, vide letter No 60-9/2010-SPB-1 dated 10.11.2010, issued an order that pending institutional training, Circles may impart in house training to the directly recruited candidates and may issue offer of appointment on completion of other pre-appointment formalities. Subsequently, various Circles took up the matter with the Personnel Division of Postal Directorate asking for parity of the LGO candidates with directly recruited PA/SA candidates in appointment before undergoing institutional induction training. This was considered favourably and SPB Section had issued instructions vide letter No 60/11/2011-SPB-I dated 16.9.2011 that PA/SA LGO candidates selected through departmental examination will be imparted a brief in-house training of two weeks, pending regular Institutional Induction Training at Postal Training Centres and will be issued with promotion/posting orders after this brief training. 

3. In this connection, Training Division letter of even No dated 28.9.2011 may kindly be 03 referred to where it was stated that the PAVSA LGO candidates selected through departmental examination may be imparted in-house training of two weeks similar to the one done in respect of directly recruited PAs/SAs before they are sent for institutional training. 

4. Meanwhile, a review of Induction Training to left over PA/SA LGO candidates was also undertaken in August 2011. Instructions were issued to PTCs on 19.8.2011 to complete the induction training to all remaining PA/SALGO candidates. As per reports from PTCs, all remaining PA/SA LGO candidates have since been imparted Institutional Induction Training This may kindly be confirmed. Continued....Page 2  AD (PG)


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