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Conduct & Disciplinary Rules – 97 : (Compiled By Com Kayveeyes)

 Conduct & Disciplinary Rules – 97 : (Compiled By Com Kayveeyes)



59. Whether Joint Representation from Govt. Servants is allowed under the Conduct rules?

No. Joint representations by Govt. servants should be viewed as subversive of discipline and such representations should not, therefore, be entertained. Every Govt. servant making a representation should do so separately and his own name.

(Min. W.H. & S.A.V. No. 305, dated 21.02.1967)

60. What is She-Box?

(i) SHe-Box is an online Complaint Management System for lodging complaints related to sexual harassment of women at workplace. The steps required for filing of complaint through SHe-Box can be downloaded from the link: http://www.shebox.nic.in/assets/site/download/manual.pdf

(ii) Any woman working or visiting any office of Central Government (Central Ministries, Departments, Public Sector Undertakings, Autonomous Bodies and Institutions etc.) can file complaint related to sexual harassment at workplace through this SHe-Box 

(iii) Once a complaint is submitted to the SHe-Box, it will directly send the complaint to the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) of the concerned Ministry /Department /PSU /Autonomous Body etc; having jurisdiction to inquire into the complaint. The Internal Complaints Committee will take action as prescribed under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 and update the status of the complaint through 'Administrator Login'

(iv) The status of complaint can be viewed at any time by pressing the tab 'View Status of Your Complaint' within SHe-Box.

DOPT OM No. 11013/7/2016-Estt.A-III, Dated the 1st November, 2017 

 61. Whether an official can hold the posts in the co op societies more than four years?

No. Maximum period allowed is four years or two tenure whichever is earlier. While granting permission under Rule 15(1)(c) of CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964, it may also be necessary that cases of such sanctions are reviewed from time to time and permissions earlier granted revoked where Government servants have been holding office in any body, whether incorporated or not, for more than four years or in cases there are charges of corruption, adverse audit paras etc

DOPT OM No. 11013/1/2016-Estt.A-III Dated the 5th August, 2019

62. What is the limit for intimation in respect of transactions in sale and purchase of shares, securities, debentures etc?

An intimation may be sent in the proforma to the prescribed authority in respect of all Government servants, if the total transactions in shares, securities, debentures, mutual funds scheme, etc. exceeds six months' basic pay of Government servant during the calendar year (to be submitted by 31st January of subsequent calendar year).

DOPT OM No. 11013/6/2018-Ett.A-III Dated the 7th February, 2019.

63. What is the due date of intimation by a Government Servant to the prescribed authority about acquiring or disposing of any immovable/movable property either in his/her own name or in the name of any member of his/her family and submission of declarations?

Every public servant shall file declarations, information or return, as the case may be regarding his assets and liabilities as on the 31st day of March every year to the Competent Authority, on or before the 31st day of July of that year.

(DG (P) No.20-15/2014-SPG dated 05.11.2014)


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