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Cash Management System in Central Government: Latest Order by Department of Economic Affairs

 Cash Management System in Central Government: Latest Order by Department of Economic Affairs

F.No. 12(13)-B(W&M)/2020
Ministry of Finance
Department of Economic Affairs
(Budget Division)

New Delhi, 19th January 2022.


Subject: Cash Management System in Central Government – Modified Exchequer Control Based Expenditure Management for the remaining part of this financial year (2021-22).

Attention is invited to the instructions issued vide this Ministry’s O.M. of even number dated 24.09.2021, 15.11.2021 and O.M. F.No.15 (39)-B(R)/2016, dated 21 August, 2017 on above cited subject.

(2) In terms of Para 4 (iii)(g) of the O.M. dated 21st August, 2017 as mentioned above, not more than 33% and 15% of expenditure of Budget Estimates shall be permissible in the last quarter and last month of the financial year, respectively. These restrictions shall be observed both scheme-wise as well as for the Demand for Grants as a whole.

(3) The stipulations as mentioned in para (2) have been reviewed. In continuation of the relaxations for bulk items of expenditure stipulated in the O.M. of even Number dated 24.09.2021 and 15.11.2021, as mentioned in para (1) above, it has now been decided to relax the upper limit of 33% of BE as applicable for last quarter of the current financial year 2021-22, as a one-time measure, subject to the condition that ceiling of RE 2021-22 is not exceeded. For the items of capital expenditure, ceiling of 15% of BE in the last month for this fiscal is also relaxed, provided the capital/overall expenditure is within the RE 2021-22 ceiling. In view of above relaxations, Ministries/Departments are permitted to carry out consequential modification to their MEP/QEP.

(4) The relaxation as mentioned in para (3) above will be applicable with immediate effect, for the current FY 2021-22 or until further orders, whichever occur first.

(5) The Financial Advisors will monitor the release of funds to ensure that there is no idle parking of funds at any level and the funds are released on just-in-time basis.

(6) Any deviation other than the relaxation provided through aforesaid guidelines would require prior approval from Ministry of Finance. Any communication by Ministries/Departments on this matter should be addressed to the Secretary, Department of Expenditure.

(7) This issues with the approval of Competent Authority.

(Rakesh Bhatnagar)
Deputy Director (Budget)


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