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(FAQs on CGHS are intended to provide general information and guidance needed for the CGHS beneficiaries to avail CGHS facilities The contents must be read in conjunction with OMs/Office orders as issued from time to time. The contents are not intended to be applicable to specific /exceptional cases and no such claims may be made under it. Whenever any difference in interpretation of meaning and/or content of the facts stated here vis-à-vis the original OM/office order arises, the latter will be treated as final and binding).
1. Who are entitled for CGHS facilities?
1. All Central Govt. employees and their dependant family members residing in CGHS covered areas.
2. Central Govt Pensioners and their eligible family members getting pension from Central Civil Estimates
3. Sitting and Ex-Members of Parliament
4. Ex-Governors & Lieutenant Governors,
5. Freedom Fighters
6. Ex-Vice Presidents
7. Sitting and Ex-Judges of Supreme Court & High Courts
8. Employees and pensioners of certain autonomous organizations in Delhi
9. Journalists (in Delhi) accredited with PIB (for OPD & at RML Hospital)
10. Delhi Police Personnel in Delhi only
11. Railway Board employees
12. Post and Telegraph Depatt. employees
2. What are the facilities available under CGHS
1. OPD Treatment including issue of medicines.
2. Specialist Consultation at Polyclinic/Govt. Hospitals.
3. Indoor Treatment at Government and Empanelled Hospitals.
4. Investigations at Government and Empanelled Diagnostic centers.
5. Cashless facility available for treatment in empanelled hospitals and diagnostic centers for Pensioners and other identified beneficiaries.
6. Reimbursement of expenses for treatment availed in Govt. /Private Hospitals under emergency.
7. Reimbursement of expenses incurred for purchase of hearing aids, artificial limbs, appliances etc. as specified.
8. Family Welfare, Maternity and Child Health Services.
9. Medical consultation and dispensing of medicines in Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani and Siddha system of medicines (AYUSH)
3. What the timings of Wellness Centres/Polyclinics

Emergency services are available in following 4 WCs only in Delhi
South Avenue
North Avenue
Zakir Hussain Road
Kingsway Camp Timings of WCs with emergency services are as follows
WC timing 7:30AM to 1:30 PM
Limited Emergency services 1:30PM to 7:30AM
The Wellness Centres remain closed on all Central Govt. holidays. However in case of three consecutive holidays occurring together, Wellness Centres will not be closed for more than 2 consecutive days.
Registration Timings: The registration is stopped 15 minutes before scheduled closing time of dispensary. However, no serious patient is returned back unattended in the dispensary.
There are also 6 First Aid Posts ( FAP) at following locations in Delhi
Nirman Bhawan
Central Secretariat
Vitthal Bhai Patel House
Shastri Bhawan
Narmada House opposite RML Hospital
Supreme Court and
Moti Bagh
The timings of these FAPs is from 9:00 AM to 5 :00 PM 4. In how many cities CGHS is presently operational?
Following Cities have CGHS facilities at present
1. Agartala
2. Ahmedabad
3. Aizwal
4. Allahabad
5. Bengaluru
6. Bhopal
7. Bhubaneshwar
8. Chandigarh
9. Chennai
10. Dehradun ii. Delhi & NCR
12. Gandhinagar
13. Gangtok
14. Goa
15. Guwahati
16. Hyderabad
17. Imphal
18. lndore
19. Jabalpur,


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