Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Black Day 25-02-2019 for Postmaster Cadre

Black Day 25-02-2019 for Postmaster Cadre

My Dear Friends,
The Directorate has issued a memo regarding merger of Postmaster Cadre with General Line cadre on 25.02.2019 which we may call as a Black Day not only for Postmaster Cadre but also for the entire Department of Posts. The proposal for merger of Postmaster Cadre with the General Line clearly shows the Dictator attitude of the dealing Administration and it is undemocratic step taken by the Administration as the opinions of the main stakeholders i.e. Postmaster Cadre officials were not taken into account before formulating these unjustified proposal.

As we are all well aware of the noble intentions of the Department behind creation of a separate cadre of Postmasters was to head the key Post Offices and improve the productivity of the Department. Hence, the Department conducted LDCE (in 2011, 2012 and 2013) and chosen young talented, professionally skilled staff on the basis of merit and posted to the key Post Offices. After creation of the Postmaster Cadre the Department became able to implement the several technological projects successfully like SAP, Core Banking, McCamish etc. which was very much essential to compete with the private players and to improve the productivity. Now all of a sudden the Department has announced its unjustified decision of merger of Postmaster Cadre with the General Line which appears as a decision taken by one of the Feudal King who is known for his whimsical decisions.

Friends, we have chosen and joined this Cadre after looking at the motivational letters from then Directorate. Expecting good prospects for the newly created cadre we have lost almost 9 precious years in this cadre without any financial/ promotional benefit. This is because of the negligence of the dealing Administration who never cared for our opinions and thought of providing minimum prospects for our cadre. The Administration has left us as orphans after creation of this cadre. The Administration has well utilised our talent where ever needed and left us like use and throw items. The Administration has never listened to our issues though we have prayed many a times. We are totally betrayed by the whimsical acts of Administration in merging the cadre with the General Line which was unilaterally taken and is not acceptable.

The Administration did not incorporate the issue the merger of the Postmaster Cadre with the General Line as agenda for the meeting held on 20.12.2018 and the Administration has unilaterally taken the decision of merger which is undemocratic and betrayal of the rights of the officials of our cadre and against the Natural Justice.

I hereby request all our cadre officials to give their opinion about such unilateral decision taken by the dealing Administration and send their opinions about the next course of action to our CHQ email id : aiapcchq@gmail.comimmediately.
Truly Yours

Balveer Singh
General Secretary


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