Friday 15 February 2019

How is a child defined for the purpose of grant of Paternity Leave

How is a child defined for the purpose of grant of Paternity Leave

How is a child defined for the purpose of grant of Paternity Leave


How is a child defined for the purpose of grant of Paternity Leave for Child Adoption/Child Adoption Leave

As per notes below rules 43AA and 43B “Child” for the purpose will include a child taken as ward by the Government servant, under the Guardians and Wards Act, 1890 or the personal law applicable to that Government servant, provided such a ward lives with the Government servant and is treated as a member of the family and provided such Government servant has, through a special will, conferred upon that ward the same status as that of a natural born child’.


1. Whether women employees of Public Sector undertakings/Bodies etc. are entitled to CCL?

Orders issued by DOPT are not automatically applicable to the employees of Central Public Sector Undertakings/ Autonomous Bodies, Banks, etc. It is for the PSUs/ Autonomous Bodies to decide the applicability of the rules/instructions issued for the central Government employees to their employees in consultation with their Administrative Ministries.

2. Whether Govt. servant can be permitted to leave station/go abroad while on CCL?

Child care leave is granted to a woman employee to take care of the needs of the minor children. If the child is studying abroad or the Government servant has to go abroad for taking care of the child she may do so subject to other conditions laid down for this purpose.

3. What is the intention behind the instruction that CCL is to be treated like EL and sanctioned as such?

The intention is that CCL should be availed with prior approval of leave sanctioning authority and that the combination of CCL with other leave, if any, should be as per the restriction on EL.’ The restriction of the limit of 180 days at a stretch as applicable in the case of EL will not apply in case of CCL. The other conditions like CCL may not be granted for less than 15 days or in more than 3 spells etc., will apply. {Rule 43-C)

4. Whether child care leave has been extended to female industrial employees?

Child Care leave has been extended to all civilian female industrial employees covered by the CCS(Leave) Rules, 1972 subject to the conditions provided in rule 43-C of the CCS(Leave) Rules, 1972, as amended from time to time.{OM No.12012/2/2009-Estt.(L) dated 01-08-2012)

Commuted Leave

1. Whether commuted leave is admissible based on medical certificates of Hospitals/Medical Practitioner approved by the employer of the spouse in cases where the concerned employee has been allowed to avail such facilities from the employer of the spouse?

Leave on medical grounds may be allowed on the basis of certificates issued by Hospitals/Medical Practitioners approved by the employer of the spouse in such cases.


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