Monday 25 February 2019

BSNLEU strongly opposes implementation of VRS in BSNL

BSNL EU strongly opposes implementation of VRS in BSNL

Recognised Union in BSNL
(Registered Under Indian Trade Union Act 1926. Regn.No.4896)
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P. Abhimanyu
General Secretary



Shri Anupam Shrivastava,
Bharat Sanchar Bhawan,
Janpath, New Delhi – 110 001

Sub : – Implementation of VRS in BSNL – reg.

Sir, We learn that, both the BSNL Management, as well as the DoT, are actively considering the implementation of VRS in BSNL, as a measure of reviving the Company. In this connection, we also wish to draw your kind attention to an article carried by the DNA newspaper on the subject on 11-02-2019, based on an interview given by the CMD BSNL. He had reportedly told the newspaper that, BSNL’s large work force was one of the biggest challenges for the Company. Further, the CMD BSNL had also reportedly told the Newspaper that, the other telecom players are having only around 25,000 – 30,000 employees, while BSNL is having 1.8 lakh employees, which is five times bigger than the workforce of the private telecom companies, and that the annual wage bill of the employees comes to Rs.15,000 crore.

When the entire employees of BSNL have contributed in a big way for the financial improvement of the Company, by launching many movements like Customer Delight Year, Service With A Smile, BSNL At Your Door Steps, etc., it is highly unfortunate that the employees are being made scapegoats for the financial crisis of the Company.

It is pertinent to state that, it is the same BSNL, which earned Rs.10,000 crore net profit in the financial year 2004-05. At that time, at least one lakh more employees were working in the Company. When the BSNL earned Rs.10,000 core net profit in 2004-05, definitely the Company has no reason to go into loss, after the employees strength has shrunk by more than one lakh. So, the reason for BSNL’s financial woes lie some where else. Everyone will agree that the revenue earnings of BSNL have gone down drastically during the past couple of years. The brutal tariff war initiated by Reliance Jio is certainly the main reason.

The other reason is the failure of the BSNL Management to launch it’s 4G service on time. It is also a fact that valid suggestions given by the unions and associations to increase the revenue earnings of the Company, were ignored by the Management. For example, time and again the unions and associations had been telling that FTTH is one area, having the potential to enhance BSNL’s revenue sizeably. However, it was ignored by the Management. Short supply of stores and materials had always been a problem. Today, Reliance Jio is entering in a big way in this area.

At present, BSNL’s mobile towers are being maintained by our own employees. In most of the places, the uptime of our mobile towers is very good. However, the Management has decided to outsource the maintenance of these mobile towers, paving way for the wastage of funds in a big way. The AUAB has opposed this outsourcing and has demanded it’s cancellation. However, so far, the Management has not even bothered to discuss this issue with the AUAB.

The employees have sacrificed their PLI, LTC, medical allowance, etc., from 2010 onwards. At the same time, the top officers of the Company continue to enjoy all the luxuries. They splurge huge amounts on account of frequent and unproductive foreign tours. Executive f business class travels by air, staying in 5 star hotels, elite club membership, etc.., are the luxuries being availed by the top officers. Even some inconsequential officers, who are close to the top Management, enjoy foreign travels in the interest of the Company.(?) The officers who are in the good books of the top Management are being generously appointed as consultants, after their retirement. The ARAB has already written to the Management, demanding implementation of austerity measures for the top officers. However, the demand has fallen on deaf ears.

The CMD BSNL has told the DNA that, the BSNL is working on various models to implement VRS, based on the report of the IIM-Ahmedabad, which had recommended implementation of VRS to 35,000 employees. We wish to ask, what is the necessity to implement VRS, when massive retirements are taking place and the strength of the employees is depleting fast? Further, the VHS is already implemented thrice in MTNL. It has not helped MTNL to come out of the crisis. In fact MTNL’s crisis has deepened now. The government and Management may say that VHS is voluntary. But, It Is true that the government has already started taking various measures for making the employees to become panicky, with the view to force them to go on VRS. So, in effect, the proposed VRS will only be a CRS.

In view of the foregoing, BSNLEU strongly opposes the proposal of implementing VRS in BSNL. We request that the proposal may kindly be dropped.

Thanking you,

General Secretary

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