Friday, 17 November 2017

Barcode Number Generator for Hands on Training in POS/IPVS/DPMS

Barcode Number Generator for Hands on Training in POS/IPVS/DPMS

Barcode Number Generator for Hands on Training in POS/IPVS/DPMS (for training centre purpose only)

  • One time Configuration (by Trainers)
  • Open the downloaded Excel file and enable "Macro Settings" with full permissions in... File -> Excel Options -> Trust Center ->Macro Settings -> Enable all macros 
Using the link provided in "Read me" page...,

Article types/ Postman remarks/ Other details in hands on exercises can be modified by Trainer, if required.

Name of RMS/NSH/ICH/PH office & Station have to be modified by Trainer as per Office Data set provided to concerned WTC 

For all types of articles proposed to be booked in POS, name of RMS office (to which bag has to be closed) has to be mapped based on TD/NTD pin range.

After above said one time configuration of offices & exercises, paste this excel file in Desktop of all other systems & enable Excel Macro settings in all systems as stated in Sl. 1 above. (Please do not add/delete any row/column)

Hands on (by Trainees)

After opening file in Desktop, Trainees can clear existing name by clicking "Reset" button and they have to enter their Name, Mobile Number & Click on "Generate Barcode Numbers" button.

Barcode numbers for Regd./Speed/Parcel articles & bags will be generated and included in all exercises automatically.for Hands on Training.

POS/IPVS/DPMS pages can be accessed by using links provided in Home page.
To copy Article/ Bag Barcode Number in Excel cell :

Just click/select the Excel cell (or) go to concerned Excel cell using (up/down) navigation keys
Barcode No. will be copied to "Clipboard" automatically 
The same may be pasted in Barcode field of POS, IPVS, DPMS screens for booking, despatch & delivery of articles.
Press "ALT + TAB" keys to toggle between this excel file and POS/IPVS/DPMS software screens (to copy - paste barcode numbers)


This file will avoid wastage of Barcode sticker labels/Bag tag labels in CSI UC/EU trainings.

As Barcode number will be automatically copied to Clipboard by single click on respective Excel cell, there will be no need of pressing Ctrl+C every time.

Lengthy Barcode numbers need not be typed manually using keyboard. 

Trainers can customize office names & exercises according to their requirements 

Based on circle, Barcode prefix can be changed by Trainer to generate barcode numbers accordingly.

As unique Barcode numbers are generated for all trainees (based on Trainee's mobile number), this excel file can be used for all trainees and for any no. of batches.

As all types of articles booked (in POS exercise page) are sorted bag wise automatically and displayed in respective TD/NTD bags (in IPVS exercise page), it will help trainees to identify their articles while closing bags in IPVS.
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