Monday, 20 November 2017

Pune: Aadhaar enrollments at post offices from January

Pune: Aadhaar enrollments at post offices from January

PUNE: Post offices are turning out to be the lifeline for Pune and other cities in Maharashtra lagging in Aadhaar enrolments Though the state has 95% Aadhaar coverage , Pune district has so far seen a 93% coverage.A recent government directive stated that 1,293 post offices will start doubling as Aadhaar enrolment centres from January 2018. Maharashtra and Goa circle has 2,216 post offices.In June, the department of posts had started Aadhaar data updating facilities at 120 of its offices across the Maharashtra and Goa circle. The post offices will now start the process of e-procurement to purchase necessary devices.Simultaneously, the staff members will be trained (for issuing Aadhaar cards), officials said , As Reported By TOI. 

According to the Newspaper,Almost 4,000 employees of the postal department are being trained to issue Aadhaar cards, the officials added.Ganesh Sawaleshwarkar, Pune Post Master General, told TOI that the postal staffers have already been updating the data, and now they will also take part in Aadhaar enrolment drives."There should not be any problem. The staffers already have some training," he said.The employees will issue the Aadhaar cards in addition to discharging their regular postal duties. The Maharashtra and Goa circle of the India Post has five regions — Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Pune and Goa.Currently, citizens are required to approach the post office for addresses, names or cellphone number corrections. 


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