Sunday, 13 August 2017

The Modi government wants to end the tradition of the Pay Commission, now every year the salaries of Central employees will increase!

The Modi government wants to end the tradition of the Pay Commission, now every year the salaries of Central employees will increase!

The Modi government wants to end the tradition of the Pay Commission, now every year the salaries of Central employees will increase!

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After the salary review of central employees, the increase can be increased every year. A committee will be constituted for this, so that it should be done to assess how logical it is to do this. According to sources in the finance ministry, the government wants to eliminate the tradition of the pay commission. The government wants to increase the salaries of central employees regularly. Make a parameter for this. 

Justice AK Mathur, Chief of the Seventh Pay Commission, has said in his recommendation that it will be better for the government and the public exchequer to increase the salaries of the central employees every year, and not every 10 years, the salary commission will be constituted by the pay commission Take it That is why the government has decided to go ahead on this. The High Commissioner of the Finance Ministry says that in this regard, we have sought the opinion from the ministry and state governments. If the increase in the salary of central employees, the state governments will have to increase their employees' salaries. 

Basket of cost will become 
The government can make baskets of inflation to increase salaries of central employees. It will be indexed from food items to petrol and diesel prices, clothing, transport, house rent and other related prices. On the basis of this index, salaries of central employees will be increased. The committee will decide which weight of the item of inflation will be kept. That is, how much of the stake is kept in the index of inflation. Once the stake is decided then there will be no dispute about inflation. According to the increase in the index, the increase in salary will be decided with consent.

Increase in salary increases
KKN Kutty, president of the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers, says that the government has indicated this, but the government has not talked about what will be the nature of salary increase / salary on which basis. When we are called for this, we will look at the formula to increase salaries and then take a decision.

Burden on the government 
In fact, according to the recommendations of the Pay Commission, increasing the wages increases the burden on the government treasury together. After the government implemented the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission, after that, their wages increased by 23 per cent, but it increased the burden of Rs one lakh crore on the official exchequer.

Bill for salarizing the monsoon session
There is a good news for Indian workers. The central government is going to bring a new law, which will increase the minimum wage of the employees with a double increase of 18,000 rupees per month. This short-term contract will also apply to labor, which has to work in the most exploitative situation in case of wages. But this good news can actually be bad for the workers. The new law will be introduced in the monsoon session of Parliament. It is being brought to the workers who are getting low wages for their entitlement, then how bad is it for them? 

Fear of trim
In fact, due to the minimum wage doubling, a small scale sector may be shocked, which provides employment to the most 'cheap laborers'. Many small scale units will be unable to pay wages according to the new law because they have already struggled with many problems. In case of unable to pay more, workers can be discharged and workers can be employed in these units.

Congress graft to Jaitley
Congress has written an open letter to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. In this, the party cited the steps taken by the Modi government as a surgical stereo on the poor, citing the reductions in jobs after the note-offs. In the letter, the Congress has raised many questions on the functioning of the government. In this letter, Congress has asked Jaitley to sit on a high office in a government which has created a financial crisis. Congress told Jaitley that according to the data of the Labor Bureau, 1.6 million Indians went for a year and a half to become your finance minister.


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