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How does the lover of the era of mobiles know,, How did you keep it in the letter by removing your heart.

 How does the lover of the era of mobiles know,, How did you keep it in the letter by removing your heart.

How does the lover of the era of mobiles know,
How did you keep it in the letter by removing your heart.

' Post office ' - it's not just a word, it's a whole culture. A letter that supports man from the earliest stage of communication; the culture was so composed that songs were written on it. This postal system is equipped with letter, letter, pati, nama, envelope, Majmoon, namabar, postman, wire, postcard, postcard. Letter box, postal stamp and don't know how many words, poetry and poems as well as story and novels The important organ has been.

'Yellow letter' used to be a symbol of manglik opportunity and a torn postcard used to bring information about inauspicious things. Every word written in the letter was important. Seeing the marginal painting done in personal letters, the receiver could see the mood of the writer.

' Got your letter ' at the beginning of the letter; ' Atran Kushalan Tatrapyastu '; we're all skilled here, hope you're all well skilled too ' as the phrases seem juicy despite being formal. Similarly, the sentence like ' Touch the feet to the elders and lots of love to the younger s' used to connect the whole family with the letter.

The childhood that imagined the tunnel under the letter box and the fairies delivering letters at night has also been lost somewhere along with the postal culture. The afternoon waiting for the postman has now left the cycle of time.

At the same time, those songs which were composed around the postal culture have become Nadarad. ' Master's letter came '; ' We wrote a letter to Sanam '; ' You drink abroad, write a letter as soon as you go '; ' Pigeon go-go '; ' Letter has come '; ' No letter no message '; ' Letters Write the name of Sanwariya Babu '; ' I have sent you flowers in the letter '; ' Postman brought the post '; ' Dak Babu came '; ' I get messages; ' I write the letter to you '; ' with the color of flowers from the pen of my heart Dozens of songs like ' I wrote to you daily '; ' Listen to this message, my letter to you '; ' How can I burn the letters in your fragrance ' and ' I wrote the letter in the name of Mehboob ' are rooted like diamonds in Hindi cinema's Tawarikh Have happened.

Letters were going well even in the poet-conferences. I remember it very well. Shwetkesha Dnyanwati Saxena ji read a song in a poet-conference in Hapur - ' What letter should I write in such a way, when there are days to explode corners! ' The song appeared so monotonous at his age that his sensitivity had generated shirk within. Kishan Saroj ji's song ' Kar diye lo today, all your letters flowing in the Ganga, all the pictures you stay calm ' used to make the listeners mind and eyes wet. Maya Govind ji's song ' Postman knocked on the door, returned the unwanted letter ' set a record of popularity. Even today, when Dr. Vishnu Saxena reads the fourth line of his Muktak and says, 'He must have chewed my letter in anger', thousands of love stories of young people come alive with the support of letters.

Urdu poetry is also filled with this topic. ' Namabar, you must have seen / how are the letters, whose answer comes ', hundreds of Ashar people's words are on their tongue.

Famous lion of Daag Dehlavi Sahib 'Whose new salute was in your letter / I was Rakib, then whose name was that' has the ability to become the narrator of a novel. 'Majmoon shivers by seeing the envelope' as if Egyptians became idiots and became confessed. Recently, Vashu Pandey also described the love Ibbat in letters and said, 'Kasid wrote the letter in the tish / take it, but do not give it to the princess'.

Technology changed and it all faded. S on the mobile. M. The generation that sends emails to S or computers has no idea about that magical world of letters. Reading this lion of Udaypratap Singh ji, even today my mind is lost in three decades old memories, 'How did the lover of the era of mobile know, how did he keep his heart out in the letter'.

Mother's blossomed face on getting a letter from her married daughter; Mother's wet eyelids writing a letter to her son living in the hostel; Skill of reading unwritten pain with words written in the letter; Art of identifying mood with marginal painting And the curiosity of brothers opening sister's letter on Rakhi festival is not seen anymore.

Books like ' Father's letter to daughter's name ' presents the importance of letters.

But today ' I am writing with blood, don't think it is ink ', the people of the country must be shocked to see the letter box standing far away and eating dust. Two lines of Nida Saheb remain and remind us of the character whom we used to call postman - 'Simple postman does magic great / tears and smile in the same bag'.

The custom of sending letters on TV and radio has now become history. We have forgotten how to send the editor's name letter and publishing composition. Neither editors know the taste of returning composition 'with sorry' anymore.

Ramesh Sharma's song's face is known by paying tribute to an entire tradition - ' O telecommunication facilities, return me that letter! '

(Someone shared this emotional article written on post office and letters with me... I don't know the name of the author. Sharing this here with thanks to the author)


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