Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Request for declaration of IP LDCE 2019 results

 Request for declaration of IP LDCE 2019 results

Sub: - Request for declaration of IP LOCE 2019 results- Reg. 

My union brought to your kind notice that the result of EDGE IP Exam 2019 was put on hold vide Directorate letter dated 29.6.2020. Already 9 months elapsed from the date of conduction of exam but till date results were not published. All the selected candidates are getting panic about this. 

Actually result was kept on hold due to stay order of Hon'ble Hyderabad CAT bench and it was vacated also. It came to my union notice that another case is pending at Jodhpur CAT but there is no stay order at any one of the CAT in PAN India. Some of the disqualified officials are approaching CAT for manual evaluation of OMR sheets which was not considered by the Apex Court of India in previous cases. There is a scope to approach CAT other candidates also but no one can stop any one in this issue. It Is a regular process. My union feels that If Department wait for the outcome of the cases pending before Hong,I* CAT It Is difficult to publish results month/years together also. Previously In many exams results were announced by adding a simple line "subject to out come of the court cases". On one hand the entire selected candidates were joined In Odissa Circle and they are continuing. But remaining are deprived the same and facing mental agony since many days. In view of above reasons my union requests Hon'ble Secretary to Intervene In this issue Immediately and cause to announce LDCE IP Exam 2019 results without any further delay. An early action in this regard will be highly appreciated. 


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