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Who is Responsible for the this Condition of GDS?

Gramin Dak Sevak are Backbone of India Post, they are holder of Civil Post but their pay is as a MGNREGS wages labor. No one considers this post as a permanent post, no one takes any action to make them permanent. Their service condition is so poor and is going to poorer compared to postal employee. 
Recently Postal Department issued an order to implement the GDS Pay Committee Report 2016 on 25.06.2018. After checking the said implemented order no, one tells that this Kamalesh Chandra Committee Report. Not a single recommendation implemented except the proposed new TRCA slab. In this situation GDS are disappointed to see this because they were in strike from 22nd may to 6th June 2018, they lost 16 days TRCA to implement this committee report. So, it is a big question “Who is Responsible for this Condition of GDS?” 
GDS unions, AIPEU GDS-NFPE, AIGDSU, NUGDS are blaming the Government of India and Government pass this responsibility to DOP. A union of Postal Department called BMS is the media to pass this responsibility by looking into the Government. But the Gramin Dak Sevak of India are blaming the unions for this Condition of GDS. 
This the analytical issue that Who is Responsible for this Condition of GDS. Because no one takes this issue seriously to resolve the issue they think that GDS are playing thing so they enjoyed this Game.
So, here we try to understand that the responsibility of GDSs Union, Government of India and Department of Post. Because they are the players of this sensible game.
Responsibility of Government :-
Government setup One-man committee headed by Sri Kamlesh Chandra, Retired Member, Postal Services Board was set up by the Government of India vide Ministry of Communications, Department of Posts’ Resolution No. 17-13/2013-GDS dated 19.11.2015 for examining the conditions of service and emoluments and other facilities available to the Gramin Dak Sevaks(GDS). The committee had submitted its report to the Government on 24.11.2016.
The committee had submitted its report to the Government on 24.11.2016 but government tooke more than 6 months to publish the said report in India Post website by the pressure of Unions. Union took may program to publish this report but they failed. Finally, they called two days Strike than government published it in website.
After considering the recommendation of committee report government kept it in hand. Many program of action has been taken by GDS Unions but government did not take any action to implement these recommendations. There had no any updates regarding where was the report of committee. What was the present status of GDS pay committee? 
Lastly GDS unions called Indefinite Strike from 22nd may 2018. After continuing 16th days strike Government approved this recommendation at cabinet on 6th June 2018. Actually govt. had no any intention to Implement GDS Committee Report. Committee submitted its report with the schedule time but Government took 19 months to implement this report and GDS lost their 30 month’s Revised TRCA from 01.01.2016.
Responsibility of Department: -
When committee submitted its report to the Department of Post to review they cleared it that they received the report. In October 2016, Union told the committee to consider the enhanced bonus to the GDS. Committee recommend to the department to pay bonus to the GDS as revised rate of CG employee bonus.
In this case department took some time to pay revised bonus to the GDS. For this case union has a big role to get bonus ceiling of Rs. 7000/-.
At the last time Department took some time after approval of committee report at the cabinet because cabinet approved committee report on 6th June 2018 and department implemented it on 25th June 2018. But when released implementation order, there was no any recommendation of GDS Committee except Revised TRCA Slab.
Responsibility of Union: -
In this game Unions take several program of action to implement the positive recommendation of GDS Committee. But they did only program of action, they failed to know what is the intention of government or department. GDS were in Indefinite Strike from 22nd may to 6th June 2018 actively.
Union again failed to know that what was in the approval report. If they knew that then would have continued this Indefinite Strike until the implementations of positive recommendation of GDS Committee Report.
Conclusion: -
After analysis the whole situations of GDS Pay Committee and the role of Government, Department and Union. Now you can realize that Who is Responsible for this Condition of GDS? but one thing that if Union takes any decision to proceed on strike in favor of Gramin Dak Sevak, they have to notice only one demand “Regularization of GDS”
 If union fight with only one demand of GDS then Government will not have any option to consider except this. 
 Source: GDS Pay Commission


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