Thursday, 21 September 2017

Procedure to be followed in HLAUPAY on DOP Finacle

Procedure to be followed in HLAUPAY on DOP Finacle

Dear Sir/Madam

Please find below the procedure to be followed in HLAUPAY

Loan repayments done through HLAUPAY should be verified on the same day without fail. Pending verification for the SOL are listed in HLAUPAY searcher when Verify option is selected; so, even if the transaction id has not been noted down by the user, verification can be carried out without any difficulty.

If the verification is not done on the same day and attempted at a later date, the transaction id generated at a previous date clashes with current date's transaction sequence. So error message will be displayed as follows: "Verification should be done before starting EOD on the day of Loan repayment itself. Please cancel the transaction and reinitate payment"

SOL user should use the Cancel option in HLAUPAY and do another repayment afresh.

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