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7th Pay Commission: NAC report on salary hike, latest updates

7th Pay Commission: NAC report on salary hike, latest updates

The government is all set to hike the basic minimum pay of the central government employees after the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission were cleared. The CG employees in anticipation of good news have been fighting for a pay hike since May last year. The government clarified that the basic minimum pay would not be fixed but variable.

Final decision in January 2018:
The National Anomaly Committee has sent a report to the government on the minimum salary increment. As per the recommendation of the commission on behalf of 50 Lakh Central Government employees, it has been demanded to increase minimum pay in between Rs. 18000 to 21000.
NAC meeting: 
Sources now confirm that the meeting will be held in October. Earlier it was slated for the last week of September, but since there were some pressing and pending issues, the meeting will now be held in October. Sources also say that the meeting is likely to be held anytime before October 15. While the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is keen on a hike in basic minimum pay, he would however have to first approve a report to be submitted by the NAC. There is a clear indication that the NAC would not go against the wishes of the Finance Minister. When the meeting is held in October, the NAC would vote in majority for a hike in basic minimum pay

What to expect from NAC report:
Once the meeting is held, the National Anomaly Committee would submit its report to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. The report will be submitted in December to Jaitley, sources indicate. Once the report is submitted the Finance Minister would clear the proposal paving the way for a hike in basic minimum salary for the 50 lakh Central Government employees who have been waiting for good news on the same.

7th Pay Commission, latest updates 
The 7th Pay Commission had suggested the basic pay to be at Rs 18,000. However the CG employees had said it was not enough and they could not make two ends meet. Now the latest updates suggest that the government would tinker with the fitment factor which would go from 2.57 to 3 times. This would mean that the basic pay would rise from Rs 18,000 to Rs 21,000. 

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