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Know a rule

Know a rule

Volumetric Weight:

1. Wherever the postage, tariff or charges are fixed for a postal article based on weight , the weight shall mean the gross or the volumetric weight whichever is more.

2. Gross Weight: Gross weight is the weight shown by a standard weighing scale. When the Article is appropriately placed on to or suspended from the said scale.

3. Volumetric Weight: volumetric weight of the article shall be arrived at from the volume of that article using the appropriate formulae.

4. Exception: Volumetric weight need not be determined in following cases.
(a) If the sum of the length, breadth and height is not more than 90 centimeters, and any of the dimensions is not more than 60 centimeters.

(b) In case of an article is in roll form (Cylindrical) if the length and diameter each are less than 90 centimeters.

These exceptions will also applicable to Speed Post article.

5. *Procedure for calculation of volume:* Measure each dimension in centimeters rounded off to next higher centimeter.
(a) (i) *Cuboids* (e.g. square or Rectangular): Its Dimensions means length, Breadth and height.
(ii) *Cylindrical rolls:* Dimensions means diameter of its circular base and length.

(b) *Articles other than above shapes should not be accepted*

(c) *Formula for calculation of volumetric weight*
(i) Cuboids (e.g. Square, Rectangular)
Volume = Length X Breadth X Height
(ii) Cylindrical Roll.
Volume = 0.785 X (Diameter of Circular base)2 X Length

The Volume so arrived at in cubic centimeters should be rounded off to the next higher whole number.

6. *Formula to calculate volumetric weight: When the volume is calculated in cubic centimeters, the formula to determine the volumetric weight in kilograms shall be*

*Volumetric Weight in Kilo Gram = (Volume in Centimeters)3 ÷ 6000*

Volumetric weight so arrived at shall be rounded off to the next higher kilogram.

7. Postage or tariff or charges for the Postal articles shall be determined with reference to weight i.e. gross weight or volumetric weight, whichever is more.

8. Postage/Tariff charts for all kinds of postal articles may be worked out beyond the corresponding weight (as in gross weight) limits for calculation of due postage/Tariff.

9. The maximum weight and size limits for different kinds of postal articles are prescribed in Clause 100, 124, 125, 128(2), 129(2), 132, 137(d) and (e), 146(1) and (2) of Post Office Guide Part-I.
(DG Posts letter number 8-9/2007-D Dt. 16/2/09 and 4/3/09 and letter number 51-04/2009-BD & MD Dt. 24/3/09)


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