Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Instruction regarding issuing Insta ATM Card in SB Acccount

Instruction regarding issuing Insta ATM Card in SB Acccount

It’s observed and has come to the notice of this office that many SOLs are sending Instant ATM cards to the customers by ordinary/Registered post by noting the address on the envelopes which is available in CIFs. It’s highly irregular, sending Instant ATM cards by post, as both ATM card and PIN will be available in the same envelope and might lead to fraudulent transactions.

This office is receiving many such Instant cards back as undelivered due to insufficient address. 

As per procedure, when a customer approaches the counter, Instant card has to be issued at that time only after obtaining/verifying the KYC documents and updating all the relevant details at CIF level which is mandatory. It should not be sent through Post to customer as both PIN and ATM Card will be in the same envelope and anyone could misuse the card at this stage, if it's wrongly delivered or lost in transit and fraud might be committed.

Such instances shows that the SOLs are issuing cards to SB account holders with or without consent of the depositor and then dispatching Instant cards along with PINs stuffed in a single envelope to depositors' addresses which will lead to misappropriation of funds of DOP customer for which concerned official/s of the SOL will be responsible/answerable. Any fraudulent transactions occurring due to above practices will be recovered from the defaulted officials.

This is for your kind information and strict instructions to all concerned.

​Thanks & regards,
Incharge Operations, DOP ATM Unit, 
Bengaluru GPO 560001


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