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7th Pay Commission: Latest updates on NAC meeting, salary hike

7th Pay Commission: Latest updates on NAC meeting, salary hike

7th Pay Commission:Basic minimum pay to be hiked to 21000 or 26000? | One India News 
The basic minimum pay under the 7th Pay Commission is not sufficient for the Central Government employees, members of the National Anomaly Committee feel. The commission had recommended the basic minimum pay to be at Rs 18,000 and this had angered and frustrated both the CG employees and pensioners.

Living standards have to improve
The NAC which is scheduled to meet next month would take into consideration the living standards of the CG employees. The feedback the NAC is getting is that the employees will not be able to manage with the existing pay. The prices are rising and with this minimum pay, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make two ends meet.

NAC would have two choices
 Central government employees have been demanding that their basic pay is hiked. Within the NAC, the thinking is that the basic pay should be hiked from Rs 18,000 to Rs 21,000. The CG employees however feel that the hike should be at Rs 26,000. The NAC however would have two choices. It could either hike the basic pay to Rs 26,000 or grant Rs 21,000 with arrears.

Will arrears be given 
If the basic pay is hiked to Rs 21,000, then the employees would demand arrears from January 2016 onwards. For now, the government feels that the pay hike would be effective starting January 2017 and there would be no arrears. With the unions pushing hard, the NAC would be compelled to give one of the following.

7th Pay Commission report before DoE
Sources say that once the NAC gives its report, then it would be placed before the Department of Expenditure. The DoE would then prepare a report and place it before the Union Cabinet in January. The Cabinet which had cleared the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission is unlikely to interfere with what the NAC or DoE would submit.
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