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Regarding long pending issues of Postal Officers Association (India) discussed on 16.09.2022 during visit of Dte. by GS.

 Regarding long pending issues of Postal Officers Association (India) discussed on 16.09.2022 during visit of Dte. by GS.



            The Director General (P),

Dak Bhawan,

New Delhi-110001.


No: - CHQ/POA/28/2021-23                                                                                 Dated 12.09.2022


Sub: - Regarding long pending issues of Postal Officers Association (India).


Respected Sir,


All India CWC of POA (I) is scheduled to be held on 17/18.09.2022 at New Delhi. Prior to meeting it is necessary for the association to know the latest update on long pending issues. Few issues are listed below:-


1. Convening of JTS DPC meeting.


DPC for promotion to the cadre of JTS Gr’A’ for the year 2017-18 onwards has not been declared so far the reasons best known to administration. Resultantly, the officers in the line of consideration are being discriminated financially and are construing denial of fixation in seniority at a relevant place of the given vacancy year.


Moreover non-convening of timely DPCs in JTS Cadre and non posting of STS officers by issuing necessary orders on vacant post in circles years together is placing burden on PS Group B officers either of adhoc arrangement or working thereto on downgraded posts without substantial benefits that too in contravention to DOP&T instruction. Authorities empowered to make adhoc-promotion to Group B only up-to three months (Directorate letter no. 4-9/88-SPG dated 14.10.1989) are exceeding their powers on their own without obtaining specific approval from DOP&T.


It is therefore earnestly request to take action for completing the process of DPC adding the vacancies for the year 2016-17 calculated wrongly against 75% quota. Also kindly put in orders to start the process for convening DPC for the year 2018 and onwards taking into consideration all the vacant post of JTS/STS/JAG. 

2. Extension of Non functional Selection Grade (NFU) to Superintendent (Posts) Group ’B’officers.

 The Superintendent [Posts] who were granted NFU Scale [Non-Financial Up-gradation] of Rs. 5400/- after completion of 4 year regular service in the Grade Pay of Rs. 4800/- due to stagnation in the PS Group “B” Cadre by the 6th CPC is also eligible for the same benefits i.e. NFU Scale [(Non-Financial Up-gradation] of Rs. 5400/L-10 after completion of 4 year regular service in the Grade Pay of Rs. 5400/L-9 since the stagnation in the PS Group ‘B’ Cade is still 7th CPC also.


            It has been reported vide Directorate, New Delhi letter No- 4-3-2018/PCC dated 06.08.2019, that request of Superintendent [Posts] for the grant non-functional up-gradation in PB-3 with GP 5400/L-10 [7th CPC] on completion of 4 years of regular service in PB-2 with GP of Rs. 5400/L-9 [7th CPC] is not considered by the Department of Expenditure vide ID Note No 6-1-2019.E.III (B) dated 19.07.2019. 

3. Extension of the Pay Scale of “Rs. 5400/- PB-3 after 4 years {Group ’B’ Gazetted} corresponding to pre-revised scale of Rs. 8000-13500” after completion of 4 years of approved regular service in the Grade Pay of Rs. 4800/- PB-2 on the substantive Post i.e. Superintendent [Posts] {Group ‘B’Gazetted} at PAR with Section Officers{Group ‘B” Gazetted} of Central Secretariat [CSS] to the Supdt [Posts] of D/o Posts on or after 01.01.2006- regarding.


The Superintendent [Posts] {Group ‘B’ Gazetted} of D/o Posts who were earlier granted the Pay Scale of Rs. 4800/-PB-2 & Rs. 5400/- PB-2 after 4 years {Group ’B’} corresponding to pre-revised scale of Rs. 8000-13500”after completion of 4 years of approved regular service in the Grade Pay of Rs. 4800/- PB-2 on the substantive Post i.e. Superintendent [Posts] {Group ‘B’ Gazetted}BUTSuperintendent [Posts] {Group ‘B’ Gazetted} is eligible for the grant of “Rs. 5400/- PB-3 after 4 years {Group ’B’ Gazetted} corresponding to pre-revised scale of “Rs. 8000-13500”at PAR with Section Officers {Group ‘B” Gazetted} of Central Secretariat [CSS] on or after 01.01.2006 who have already granted the  pay scale of “Rs. 4800/-PB-2 & Rs. 5400/- PB-3 after 4 years {Group ’B’} corresponding to pre-revised scale of Rs. 8000-13500” w.e.f 01.01.2006.


4. Revision of pay structure in respect of “ASPOs” and “Superintendent [Posts]” in the 6th CPC & 7the CPC regime w.e.f 01.01.2006 and 01.01.2016- regarding.


The Hon’ble Central Administrative Tribunal-Hyderabad Bench has pronounced two vital judgments in respect of Assistant Sudpt. [Posts] and Supdt. [Posts] in the month of Dec-2021 and February-2022 as details below:-



Date of pronouncement of judgment

Benefits granted

With effect from




NFU of Rs. 5400/-[PB-2] has been granted to the ASPOS on completion of 4 year service in the Grade Pay of Rs. 4800/-[PB-2]

01.01.2020 onwards, due to grant of GP of Rs.  4800/- [Level-8] since 01.01.2016


020/194/2020 &



Rs. 4800/-[PB-2] to ASPOs


Rs. 5400 [PB-2] to Supdt. [Posts]



Several ASPOs are also promoted as PS Group B Officer either through DPC or LDCE between 6th CPC as well as 7th CPC regime and presently working as PS Group B Officers. In view of above directions of the Hon’ble CAT, Hyderabad Bench, it is humbly submitted that matter may kindly be examined in the Postal Directorate and the proposal at the earliest may kindly be sent to the Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure being the Nodal Ministry.


5. Revision of Financial Powers for “Heads of Postal Divisions” – reg.

The Financial Power of officers of the Department of Posts of “Head of Circles “and “Head of the Departments” was recently reviewed and enhanced in order to meet the escalation in cost of various items by IFW Wing of Additional Secretary & Financial Advisor duly approved by the Secretary, Department of Posts vide OM No. 6-1/2021. Fin. Cord dated 30.07.2021 which was revised after 13 years but the Financial Powers of “Head of Postal Division” is still to be reviewed/revised.

Kindly give your valuable time for a short meeting for discussion on the above issues on 16.09.2022 for which association will be grateful to you.


With regards,


                                                                                                                              Yours sincerely,


                                                                                                                                     (Rajiv Kumar)

                                                                                                                                       General Secretary




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