Friday, 21 October 2022

GS NFPE had a discussions with Member ( Technology) on 21/10/2022 @ Directorate

 GS NFPE had a discussions with Member ( Technology) on 21/10/2022 @ Directorate

Com, today we had a discussions with Member ( Technology) for nearly half an hour, gist of which is as below: 
1) Due to lapses of Infosys, Mc-Camish software has not been functioning. However, the Dept has taken appropriate steps. As Member ( P) told problem is expected to get settled  shortly. If not, he told us to meet him again.

2) There is a business competition between IPPB Ltd ( Finacle/ SAP etc), Infosys ( Mc-Camish software) and IBM ( purchase of Hardwares). This has adverse impact on our services, which Dept is trying to sort out.

3) None accessibility of net work is a serious prob. BSNL ( NSP-1) with it’s present infrastructure sometimes fails to provide even minimum connectivity. Sometimes there are some local reasons ( cables-fault due to heavy rains etc). But without local reasons if it continues in any office or offices ( if RO/CO, even being aware of that through the existing system do nothing) that is to be brought to his ( Member-technology) notice direct.

4) Upgradation of single handed PO to double handed is not his jurisdiction. He advised us to talk to DDG( P) first. Actually this has already been discussed with DDG( P). Not only that in a meeting with the Secry ( Post) and the DG ( Posts) we already demanded it followed by written letter.

5) Issue of restrictions of HTV command is under jurisdiction of Member ( Banking) and DDG( FS & PBI). Unfortunately both the Officers were not available today. Hence we endorsed them copy of our letters. After Dipawali we will surely meet both of them and discuss accordingly on this serious issue ( as mentioned in our letter). 

One point, it is fact our employees / customers have been suffering bitterly but all these are never ending issues in a Country like India( I feel proud to be Indian but here I want to mean our system). I am sure our wise comrades will feel the pulse of my comment.

Comradely yours


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