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Conduct & Disciplinary Rules – 135 : (Compiled By Com Kayveeyes)

 Conduct & Disciplinary Rules – 135 : (Compiled By Com Kayveeyes)



It has been decided that the duty hours should be so fixed as to require the official attend office 15 minutes before the prescribed time to commencement of the counter. This will enable official to attend the transactions precisely at the time mentioned in the hours of business.

It is important to note that the change is not to make allowance for late attendance of counter Assistants, but in recognition of genuine practical problem and to render timely service to the customers. The purpose will be defeated if the counter Asst. delays his arrival at the office.

This arrangement is to be ensured by suitably costing the hours of attendance of officials. It is expected that this change will be effective every where by Sept. 1990. This is a standing instruction.

(DG(Posts) letter No. 63-136/89-CI dated 24-8-90)


The allowance of Rs. 30 paid to the office Supervisors of divisional office for imparting training to each of new selected postman/Village postmen for a period of 10 days was increased to Rs. 50 vide DG(P) letter No. 103-9/83-SPB-II(Trg) dated 4-6-87.

The revision in the allowance has been further examined and it has now been enhanced the said allowance of Rs. 50/- to Rs. 100/- (One hundred only) for training of each batch of candidates with immediate effect.

This issued with the concurrence of FA (Postal) vide their No. 4670 dated 2-12-87.

DG(Posts) letter No. 103-9/83-SPB-11 (Trg) dated 21-12-87].


1.        Rule 66(1)(d) of Post Office Rules 1993 lays down what contents make the registration of a postal article obligatory Postage or other stamps or label or cheque, Hundi, Bank-note, Bank Post, Bill of Exchange or the like requires compulsory registration if the contents are either superscribed upon the cover or are known or manifest to the officers of the Post Offices owing to the transparency, insecurity, or insufficiency of the cover, or to any other cause.

2.        After a recent review/of the above provision, it has been decided to make the following changes in the rule;

i.         Dividend warrant, refund order, share certificate and debenture certificate also require compulsory registration.

ii.       The expression “or the like" appearing in the rule should be deleted.

iii.     Bank Post Bill' appearing among the contents requiring registration, should be deleted.

3.        These changes have been made by the amendment to the rule by notification no. CSR 420(E) dated 1-5-93 published in the Gazette Extraordinary dated May 18, 1993 a copy of which is attached with this letter. The amendment will be effective from 1st July 1993 and therefore, be brought to the notice of all post offices and Mail offices and officers concerned immediately for action.

4.        Correction slip to clause 17(d) of P.O. Guide Part 1 (1985) edition is also enclosed.

5.         Rule 66(1) (d) continues to stipulate that registration of mail with the specified contents is obligatory only if the con-tent is either superscribed on the cover or is known or manifest to the office of the post office owing to the transparency, insecurity or insufficiency of the cover or to any other cause.

DG(P) No. 13-6/92-CI dt. 15-6-93]


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