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Conduct & Disciplinary Rules – 127 : (Compiled By Com Kayveeyes)

 Conduct & Disciplinary Rules – 127 : (Compiled By Com Kayveeyes)



Interruptions of the mail service due to breaches on the railway, floods, accidents or any other cause, should be reported by the Head sorting assistant of the set on duty to the Superintendent. the Inspector and the Record Office to which the set is attached. If the detention to Mails due to breaches or accidents is likely to exceed 6 hours, it should be reported at once by Fax/telegraph to the Superintendent and the Record office. In case of detentions of less than this period a report by fax/telegraph should be sent only to the Record office. (Rule 7, Vol. VII)


1)  The following records should be torn up and sold as waster paper on the expiration of the period of preservation noted against each.

(i) Correspondence relating to robberies, thefts etc. (Inland Post) - One year after the cases are closed

ii. Invoices of articles received from the Stock Depot - Three years

iii. Carbon copies, invoices of articles returned to the Stock Depot - Three years

iv. Order book of a mail office and a section (including abolished mail or RO). - Three years

v. Correspondence relating to personal files (appointments, nominations, leave, pensions, punishments) - Three years after the month in which the official concerned ceased to belong to the Department

In cases where the Department is likely to be involved in some loss, they should be preserved till the monetary responsibility is fixed.

(vi) Work papers of RMS offices and Sections - Eighteen months.

(vii) Correspondence relating to the disposal of registered articles (both letters and parcels) - Eighteen months

(viii) Other records of a record or sub-record office with the exception of those mentioned in the following paragraph, and account records detailed in the Posts and Telegraphs, Financial Hand Book, Volume 1 - Eighteen months

(ix) Arrangement Register, Attendance Register and Daily Report - Eighteen months

(In cases where the Department is likely to be involved in some loss, they should be preserved the monetary responsibility is fixed)

2. The following records may not be destroyed without the special permission of the Head of the Circle

Order book of a record office

Nominal roll of token-holders.

Work papers, correspondence, or documents regarding which enquiry is in progress, or connected with cases which have not been fully decided or closed.

3. When the records mentioned above are to be destroyed, the destruction should be effected in the record officer's presence by tearing them into pieces in such a manner that they cannot be used again. They should then be sold as waster paper.

Note: 1- Gradation lists should be destroyed three years after new one have been issued and registers of sanctioned establishment should be destroyed at the end of the year after new ones have been supplied or prepared.


Except under special circumstance and with the permission of the Head Sorting Assistant or the Superintendent or Inspector, no official may leave the mail van at any intermediate station during the trip; nor may any official of mail office leave the office at any period during the working hours except that the Head Sorting Assistant is allowed to leave the office only for the purpose of exchanging mails. (Rule 35, Vol. VII)


When the train is drawn up at railway station platform, the window of the van on the side of the platform should be closed after the mail have been exchanged and kept closed till the train starts. Staff on duty are prohibited from talking to travellers or acquaintances at railway stations. (Rule 36, Vol. VII)


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