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Conduct & Disciplinary Rules – 129 : (Compiled By Com Kayveeyes)

 Conduct & Disciplinary Rules – 129 : (Compiled By Com Kayveeyes) 



The minimum frequency of visit to the mail offices for the field officers of RMS will be as follows:

i.         SSRMS/SRMS/ASRMs of Divisional office of city DN-3 visits a week to Mail offices; each night set once a fortnight, one post office a week.

ii.       SSRMS/SRMS/ASRMs of Divisional office of non-city divisions once a week visit to a mail office at HQ-3 mail offices in a month outside the HQ. All the sets are to be visited including the SRO as well as one post office in that place.

iii.     SRMs (Stg) attached to mail offices - should visit one set of the mail office daily of these two visits will be to the night set every week.

iv.      Sub-Divisional IRMs-once a week visit to each mail office at HQs; once a month visit to all mail office including all the sets and the SRO and at least one post office.

v.       Supdts. ASRMS/IRMs attached to mail offices should spend major (f) Supdt. of POS ASPos, IPOs should also make it a point to visit regularly the mail offices to which POs are consigning mails.

(i)      to check quality of PO sorting and

(ii)     to examine and design a suitable system of PO sorting in their periodicities.

(R-152, Vol. VII)


The following are the more important irregularities and occurrences which must be mentioned in the daily report:

i.         All irregularities reported by telegraph/fax.

ii.       Absence of carrier appointed to receive or deliver mails, the mails detained in consequence being mentioned;

iii.     receipt or despatch of special bags.

iv.       non-receipt of a due mail bag or bags (vide exception below item (a) of Rule 144. Postal Manual V).

v.       opening of a bag not intended for the section or office by mistake, or owing to its being mislabelled or damaged, or having suspicious appearance.

vi.      receipt of a bag in damaged condition, or insecurely fastened or with the fastening or seal defective, or showing signs of tampering;

vii.    loss, over-carriage, mis-sending or mis-delivery of a bag, registered bundle, press-packet, registered article, or parcel mail article;

viii.  mis-connection of trains or mail buses or air service serving Head Post Office, selection grade or Class 1 Sub-Post office, the mails delayed or not received in consequence being mentioned;

ix.      receipt or despatch of a due bag not of the prescribed description,

x.        insubordination or neglect of rules on the part of the staff;

xi.      occasions on which duties other than those laid down in the memorandum of distribution of work are assigned to the Sorting Assistant;

xii.    illness of an official while on duty necessitating his leaving off work or quitting the van, or failure of an official to proceed on duty;

xiii.  misuse of bags;

xiv.  disposal of damaged articles or of an article containing anything injurious or offensive.

xv.    receipt of (i) an unregistered article containing anything rendering registration compulsory or (ii) parcel mail article in damaged condition, or showing signs of tampering, or among articles of the letter mail posted in a letter box or received in sorting;

xvi.  receipt of parcel mail article without a No. slip, or not bearing the impression of the date stamp of the office of posting;

xvii. non-preparation of a station or registered bundle by a Post Office, Mail Office, or section or of an insured bundle by a Post Office, when the number of article of a Post Office exceeds the prescribed minimum;

xviii.                   all irregularities in respect of registered articles, insured parcels or insured bags.

xix.   late receipt or despatch of mail from or to the local Post Office, the cause being stated (applies only to Mail offices);

xx.    insufficient light in the van, or its removal during a trip by the Railway authorities or an accident occurring to the train and resulting in the detention of the mails, particulars of the mails delayed being given (applies only to sections); and

2. In every case where bag or article is received with signs of damage or tampering or where any bag, article, or due document is missing the Head Sorting Assistant should be guided generally by the instructions contained in Chapter 3 on investigations in the Postal Manual, volume V, and he should, where prescribed, attach the seal, twine, bag or list (as the case may be) to his daily report.

(Rule 29, Vol. VII)


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