Tuesday 26 April 2022

Powers and Duties of Public Relation Inspector in Post Offices

 Powers and Duties of Public Relation Inspector in Post Offices

Name of Post
PRI(P) Public Relationship Inspector (Posts)

Duties of Public Relation Inspector are laid down in the Postal manuals. However, some of the important duties are as follows:

N.B.1: These rules may be modified in such a way as the Head of the Circle may consider, if necessary, in the case of Town Inspectors of Calcutta, Madras and Bombay.
N.B.2: In these rules the Postmaster includes the Sub-Postmaster if the Public relation Inspector is attached to a Sub-Office.
  • The Head of the Division will fix the jurisdiction of each Public Relation Inspector in his Division.
  • The powers of a Public Relation Inspector are limited to reporting cases of suspected fraud, negligence, irregularities, etc. to the Superintendent or Postmaster to whom he is subordinate. He has no power to appoint, dismiss, transfer, or punish subordinates, and he will, therefore not keep character sheets.
  • The Public Relation Inspector’s primary duty is to supervise the work of postmen and of other postal subordinates working outside the office, such as letter-box peons, runners, etc.
  • He should also make any personal enquiries entrusted to him by the Postmaster, and generally perform any out-door postal work which the postmaster may assign to him, but in no case should be correspond with the public.
  • He should also, under the Superintendent’s or the Postmaster’s orders, supervise the working of the town offices, and inspect, at such intervals as may be directed, those town offices that are assigned to him for this purpose by the Head of the Circle, and after inspection should record his remarks in the order book.
  • He should also carry out surprise checks of articles cleared from letter-boxes by the letter-box peons on their beat as often as possible with a view to detect if there are any articles with them bearing signs of removal of stamps or affixed with used up or faked postage stamps.
  • In order to be able to control his subordinates effectively, it is essential that the Public Relation  Inspector should make himself acquainted with (a) the character of all officials attached to town offices, and of the postmen and letter-box peons attached to the head office. (b) the beat of each postman and letter-box peon, and (c) the estimation in which each postman is held by the public he serves. He should take every opportunity to acquire a thorough knowledge of the conduct and antecedents of Postmen and letter box peon under him.
  • Any other duties assigned from time to time


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