Saturday 23 April 2022

Dos and Don’ts for UPI Payment @ MPCM Counter

 Dos and Don’ts for UPI Payment @ MPCM Counter

1. Always ask the customer about mode of payment before booking the article. While collecting the amount by QR, first initiate the transaction and then intimate the exact amount(including paise) to be sent by the customer and then request the customer to scan the QR.

2. After amount sent by the customer, validate the transaction. If there is cash mismatch or transaction is pending, the amount would be refund to the customer.

3. Don’t display the UPI id at the counter (QR image only to be displayed without id) as there is a possibility that the customer may send the amount directly through UPI id which is not correct.

4. Ensure the QR code at counter matches the QR id. (Check with Google Pay app which shows counter no. too where more than two counters)

5. Pl affix good quality of QR image in the counter & also arrange for Acrylic QR code display stand in counters.


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