Friday, 20 August 2021

Recommendation of Kamlesh Chandra Common GDS -Grant Time Bound Financial Upgradation

 Recommendation of Kamlesh Chandra Common GDS -Grant Time Bound Financial Upgradation

GDS- Recommendation of Grant Time Bound Financial Upgradation In GDS Employees

Ref. No. GDS/CHQ/90/2/2018

Sri. Vineet Pandey ji,
Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan,
New Delhi-110001

Sub:-Recommendations of Kamlesh Chandra Common GDS- grant time bound financial upgradations.

A kind reference in invited to our letter of even no. Date 2-09-2019 followed by reminder dated 9-10-2020 on the above subject. The Kamlesh Chandra Committee on GDS has recommend three time bound financial upgradations to GDS on completion of 12,24 and 36 years of since. The demand of the union of three time bound financial upgradations and recommendation of the Kamlesh Chandra Committee on the subject have social and logical base behind the demand and the recommendation. With the growing age social responsibilities such as education of children, medical care of parents as also get his daughter married befall a person. Secondly in event of remaining in the same position and same scale without any motivations leads to demotivation and monotony the data shows that a bit over 1% G.D.S get appointed as PAs/Postman/MTS and almost 99% of the GDS retire in the same scale of pay in which they were appointed. It is almost two years since we have told that the matter is under consideration. It is too long a period for a class. of workers to keep patient. Naturally a sense of disappointment and despondency which is not desirable grows.

We, therefore, request your kindly to look into the matter personally and get the recommendation implemented. This may be kept in view that day by day people are retiring without getting the benefit. With high regards,

Yours faithfully,
S.S.MAHADEVAIAH General Secretary


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