Wednesday, 26 August 2020

AIPRPA CHQ has addressed to Secretary DoP on the issue of permission to take up Disciplinary Cases by Retired Government Servants:

 AIPRPA CHQ has addressed to Secretary DoP on the issue of permission to take up Disciplinary Cases by Retired Government Servants:

AIPRPA / Pensioners / DA / 2020 / 1 Dated 25.08.2020

The Secretary
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan
New Delhi – 110001

Sub: Request for correction in the stand taken by the Directorate regarding permitting number of disciplinary cases to Pensioners acting as Defense Assistants – regarding.

Ref: Department of Posts OM No.17-31/2016-GDS Dated 16.09.2019.

This All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association is constrained to bring to your personal attention seeking two modifications in the Departmental Order issued on 16.09.2019 regarding Implementation of the recommendation of GDS Committee for restricting the number of cases under Rule 10 and other disciplinary cases.

The OM above restricts the total number of Disciplinary cases to be handled by the Retired Government Servants to 8 (Eight) in line with the DOPT order on the subject. We have no issues over that general restriction to eight disciplinary cases. However the OM restricts the total cases of Rule 14 to four and Rule 10 to four per Retired Government Servant. The categorization into Rule 14 and Rule 10 is not helping in taking up the cases as per the choice of the Defense Assistants. There may be some Retired Government Servants who specialize only in cases of Rule 14 while there may be some other Retired Government Servants who are specializing in Rule 10 cases. Therefore the above restriction of 4+4 should be lifted and the general restriction to eight per pensioner as guided by DOPT alone shall be enforced. Otherwise it will be actually reduced from the existing 7 to 4 for those taking up only the cases of Rule 14. The modification sought by us will automatically restrict the total cases not to exceed the maximum number as specified by the DOPT. The Department of Posts too shall have no grievance on this issue by making the modification.

Secondly, the OM above says that a Retired Government Servant should have only a maximum of 8 cases in a year. There is no purpose in restricting the number on year basis. It can be modified that Retired Government servants cannot be allowed to take up more than eight disciplinary cases at any point of time. Some cases will be completed quickly and some cases may prolong depending on the type of case. Therefore restrictions based on the number of total cases at a given time instead of a calendar year will be more apt and appropriate.

This Association requests for reconsideration and modification of the above OM on these two vital points.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
General Secretary


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