Sunday 5 July 2020

Working procedure of BPM after CSI Roll out at BO

Working procedure of BPM after CSI Roll out at BO

Working procedure of BPM after CSI Roll out at BO | Prepared by Manik Bera Trainer

For smooth operation in DARPAN Device, at very beginning of a day first to check Network connection is available in your device or not. Then just right hand side of Login option touch on Pull option in red and watch whether any notification is showing or not then touch on OK. The said pulling process is to be done at least 4-5 times regularly. Friends please adopt this process as a habit in your mind. 

Advantage at BO after CSI Roll out:

  1. Speed Post, eMO, can be booked through DARPAN Device.
  2. No rebooking is required at SO Level after BO Booking and electronic receipt (starting with RW,EW) can be handed over to customer after booking at BO. The customer will able to track directly in Indiapost website with the said receipt number.
  3. After Delivery of VP articles, VPMO can be booked directly through Device.
  4. Delivery or return status of articles and eMO to be updated through Device; no further updation is required at SO Level. i.e. status updated through Device is final and not changeable. So, in that point always keep vigil watch while updating delivery or return status of any article or eMO.
  5. Stamp Sale can be made through Device.
  6. BPM will prepare Daily Account electronically and print out can be sent to SO.
  7. BO will close BO Bag with Barcode like SO ( for West Bengal Circle Bag Barcode will start with LBW).
  8. In this new system BPM cannot detain excess cash beyond Authorized Cash Balance Limit without showing liability. System will through error automatically during closing of BO Bag.
  9. Till date you are receiving manual BO Slip from SO. But after CSI rollout you will get electronic BO Slip from SO.
  10. You can view/print your Pay Slip through Device.
  11. You can apply Leave through Device.


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