Tuesday 14 July 2020

SOP for Mandate Account Opening in IndiaPost Payment Bank ( IPPB )

SOP for Mandate Account Opening in IndiaPost Payment Bank ( IPPB )

IPPB is talks with multiple government departments and other institutions of repute where there has been a requirement to track the account opening. 
IPPB has already received mandates for onboarding beneficiaries of various schemes.
To cater to the need of tracking of the account opening specific to mandates, IPPB has come up with the customization in the account opening process. The End User(EU) shall have the option to open all the accounts either in the normal route or by tagging the accounts with specific mandates. 

The basic solutions which the mandate account opening provides are :

1. It will provide the option to tag an account for single or multiple DBT/Campaign scheme code for which the account has been opened.

2. It will enable identification of accounts through the DBT/Campaign Scheme name, the listing of 
all account opened for the customers under a specific DBT Scheme for any Government 

3. It will provide the provision for selection of relevant Government Scheme (or any other Scheme beyond DBT as well) from an extended master list of Schemes maintained in custom library for tagging the account at the account opening stage or a later stage as well

4. It will enable to capture specific beneficiary ID/identifier as per the scheme for which the 
account is being opened. 

5. The mandate will also have the provision to validate The beneficiary ID if IPPB has got a 
database from the Govt department or institution whose mandate IPPB is implementing.

Note :

Modification rights of the custom table/library of the schemes with bifurcation of national/state hierarchy to be provided to authorized users (at CO only).

As and when a new scheme/campaign is added to the list, the modified library would be replicated in the front end during the account opening process.


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