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Annual increment while on leave 1st July 2020

Annual increment while on leave 1st July 2020

Relation between Annual increment July 2020 & Leave Rules

Eligibility for an annual increment 1st July 2020
* An employee shall be entitled to once in year one annual increment either on 1st January or 1st July depending on the date of his appointment, promotion or grant of financial upgradation.
* 1st January or 1st July, as the case may be, provided a period of 6 months’ qualifying service is strictly fulfilled.
* The next increment, thereafter shall However, accrue only after completion of one year.
* An employee who falls Withholding Annual Increments not eligible to get annual increments this July 2020. so the employee should not fall under in this category.
Annual Increments with the help of Pay Matrix :
The increment shall be as specified in the vertical Cells of the applicable Level in the Pay Matrix.
What happens when an employee on leave 1st July 2020

Work from home on 1st July 2020
Central Government employees work under the guidance of the Central Government even in COVID pandemic. Central government departments and many ministries asked their employees to operate from home to maintain social distancing. There will be no incremental impact available in July. So It is expected that work from home option will not affect the Employees annual increments.
Increment Benefit Eligible For Following Leaves and Conditions
Casual Leave. (CL)
Special Casual Leave(SCL)
Employees dies while on leave
Grant of benefit of increment falling due during leave period in the case of govt.servant who dies while on leave
Increment Benefit only Effect from Rejoining Date
  • Special Leave
  • Earned Leave (EL)
  • Vacation (Only for academic staff)
  • Half Pay Leave (HPL)
  • Commuted Leave
  • Leave Not Due (LND)
  • Extra-ordinary Leave (EOL)
  • Maternity Leave
  • Adoption Leave
  • Paternity Leave
  • Hospital Leave
  • Sabbatical Leave
  • Study Leave
Casual Leave
Casual Leave is not earned by duty. A staff on CL is not treated as absent from duty. CL cannot be claimed as of right and is subject to a maximum of 8 days in a calendar year. In addition each employee will also be allowed to avail himself/herself of any two holidays from the list of Restricted holidays declared by the Government of India. If an employee is on casual leave in 1st July, however He/She is applicable to get benefits of increment.
Special Casual Leave (SCL)
The Director is empowered to examine the purposes for which absence can be treated as “ON DUTY” and purposes for which SCL can be granted. The Director is also empowered to examine the possibility of advising the staff members to fix up programmes like conduct of VivaVoce for Ph.D on Saturdays or on holidays. If an employee is on SCL under some condition who are examined by the Director is also applicable to receive the benefits.
Earned Leave (EL)
EOL granted to staff members for short-term / long-term assignments in India or abroad may be regulated on Foreign Service Terms (FST) for the limited purpose of annual increments and terminal benefits. Pension and leave salary contribution as per rules shall be paid either by the employer or by the staff members concerned to NITT during the period of Foreign Service. These contributions will entitle the staff member to count his period of Foreign Service towards Pension, Annual Increment and Earned Leave/HPL. However, such period of EOL will not count towards continuity of service for Sabbatical Leave eligibility.


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